Friday, December 23, 2011

The Road to EARTHQUAKE 2012... Eric Bolling Interview Dec 20 2011

As our Madame Governor President Poker Playing Queen of the undamned plots and ploys her way to the White House, take a look at her most recent sly game on move as she speaks to Eric Bolling on Fox Business News
- Follow The MONEY!!

She's following it and we need to follow her!

Any doubts she is not gearing up to take the White House seat from Obama should be wiped away right here, people!

The Good Governor is running for President of the United States of America!

She will take America like a storm.

The earth WILL quake!

Governor! Thank you so much for joining us today!
This Pipeline. What's the problem with having a job creating pipeline?

Madame President:
Yes, yes absolutely.

It's been studied to death but no those environmental lobbyists have gotten in there and they don't want it to erode and but of course, ultimately it will be our demise on Obama's Watch, you know

Our demise and national security issues and those politics that are trumping this Obama administration.

Absolutely! Totally political and consider the payroll tax cut and combine the two the pipeline and the ins and outs that I.........

.....No I don't fully no those ins and outs facing America and their paychecks and our dollars with failed bankruptcy under Obama's Watch and those private sectors and other politicians yes don't trust the government.
Obama said recently on CNN that he thinks he is better than all previous President's.. Washington, Reagan.....

Madame President::
Well, it's not true and he should be humble and not go there with thinking he is BETTER than any President no not true and you know Obama has failed our country

.....and it is a SCARY thing he doesn't know the solutions and his direction things that work thus far and economic activity and failed economy.

We need to point out the economic rate went down, Governor.
We need to point out yet another year of a down stock market. Obamanomics is failing.

Yes it is failing and we need to take care of ourselves and not trust a Socialist, that's what it is a socialist government scary that will take our dollars from our pockets but to be prudent and wise and securing reform.
I am so glad you said that, Governor. I sure do like being in your camp.

Haw haw haw thank you so much.

***Breaking Update!***
As you all know we have been pouring money into EarthQuake 2012!!!
Can I get an Amen??

It's finally here, folks.

We have THREE commercials that are sure to turn this election upside down.
We don't know when or where they will be showing but they are ready.

Minds will be changed, folks.

Sarah Palin WILL be our next President!

Here they are. You will be blown away!!


#1 Explorer
Donate Baby, Donate! More $$ = More Ad Time! Don't Retreat! RELOAD!!

As the funds come in I will be updating these commercials. Gonna be BIG, people! Grizzlies forevah!!

How long are they gonna run? I mean these should be permanent. Bombard the TV! We need every single set of eyes viewing and having their minds changed! We need these! We need Sarah! America is DYING!

Any graphic artists out there to help make these ads look more professional? We should slam the Governor's FaceBook page and see if anyone can help us.
I've got my war paint on!

Jasmine Barks
We need more money. Give as much as you can. I'm waiting for approval from my dad. We will change the world! Darn, it's past my bedtime. Keep giving people!

mammary jeb
This will make Iowa go down in history. The tidal wave is gonna be huge!

tom sin
Sarah should run just to make Barbara Bush mad. I have no use for her! The ultimate Revenge!

sexodus ch6 verse9
Monumental changes are coming. The Bible told of this long ago. The signs are all there. Sarah will be the next President. Madam President, we humbly bow.

I like it Jasmine. I'm donating nonstop.

Its good to see all of this positive energy. We are doing the Lord's work. Hallelujah!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet the Competition! GOP Debate Dec 15, 2011

Good evening in Madame President's name.

Still waiting for that Earthquake to shake us in our boots and "The Unexpected"

announcement from our Queen that God changed HIS mind.

She is running, people.

Just a matter of time.

In the meantime, please study all the contenders The Governor will be facing.

Keep a keen eye on the moderators, as well.

They are slick but Governor President is slicker.