Monday, July 16, 2012

More Life's a Tripp! Ep. 7 & 8

What's going on?
If you missed Bristol's show, don't worry.
We have it archived and soon to be on discs so you can bombard your neighbor's mail boxes,
doorsteps, down the chimney, and door to door with the Madame Governor's true Family Values.

Please enjoy.
Episodes 7 & 8

Hello Everybody. 
 I'm Bristol and this is my show.

This is the book of Me.

Tripp has discipline issues. 
 He hits and fights.
I'm very stressed.
Gino takes me out to relax.

We watch a fight.

"He just got kicked in the balls."

Everything was going really good until
the ring girl came out.
She was very loose.

Gino kept staring at her.
I don't get jealous at all.

He keeps staring at her.
So I tell him she slept with Levi.

"Hey, did you hear me?" 
 "Gino, Levi saw her naked." 
 "They had Sex."
"Gino, look at me!"

He wouldn't stop staring.
He is very jealous.

"This is the 4th time you've brought up Levi." 
 "Quit obsessing."

I was not jealous at all.
Gino was getting really jealous. 
 I felt sorry for him.

Willow is going to cook a chicken for Valentine's Day.

We look at cook books.

We get home and cook.

I make chocolate covered strawberries.

Willow licks everything.

I am very disappointed in her.

She ruins everything so I hit her
with the door.

"What the hell, Bristol!"
"I'm trying to help you out here!"

She gets mad that I hit her 
She just walks out.

Andy comes over.
I tell him Willow left and was mean to me.
"You mean she's really gone?"

"Look, Andy, she just left." 
"She is a very mean person."

"Wait, so you are saying she didn't want to see me?" 

It was time for my special 
Valentine's Dinner.

Tripp wouldn't sit still.
He stuck his tongue out.

He hit me.

He has discipline issues.

Willow works at an Ice Cream Shop.

She told Andy to come by and apologize.
"So, you left so then I left 
but I shouldn't of left and I was wrong."

"You got that right!"

"Can you forgive me?"

"Where are all my Valentines gifts?"

Willow got mad that he didn't bring her gifts.
It was really funny.

Willow invites me to a coffee shop 
so she can apologize.

"You shouldn't of left me." 

"You were really mean to me."

"You are nuts."
She got up and left.

Gino is going to prove his love for me by 
cutting down a big tree.

"Gotta prove my love to my girl." 

The tree was in my way.
I couldn't see through it.

Finally dead.


My mom is really famous.
I go to the Bob and Mark Radio show.
She is their number one fan.

My dad is super Iron Dog.
It is very important that Tripp race.
He is very excited.

Gino takes him out to practice..

"He kind of acts like he doesn't want to do it."

"Oh, he does. He does."

"So Bristol tells me when Tripp says No, he really means Yes. 
 I think that's what she said."

It's time for the Big Race.

Tripp is super excited.

I gave Tripp a little pep talk 
and he was all ready to go.

Gino and I Race with the Reindeers.

I'm famous so was interviewed.

I am very scared of Reindeer.
I won't even touch one.

Everyone is waiting for me at the finish line.

"You know, Levi would never take me to this race like you."