Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sarah Palin Gives FOX the Finger!

What's going on?

So I know the latest news has everyone grasping for straws.
We can't give up hope.
Each door that slams shut only opens a new one for our girl, Sarah, to plow on through.
Maybe 2013 will be the year of the Mama Grizzle!
Earthquake 2013, anyone?

Here's the low down.  FOX News knew our saintly Queen's contract was up for renewal.
According to sources close to her, RAM, Chuck Heath the 2nd, Bristol, Jared from Subway,
they called her feverishly all throughout the night BEGGING she renew.
The Governor said NO!

Our nation is at stake and SHE is the only one to strap on the boot straps, get in that saddle, charge with relentlessness towards Washington to "Shake Stuff Up!"

FOX was holding her back.
She sacrificed 3 precious years away from Todd's warm embrace, away from her special needs child that needs her, away from being there for Bristol while she went through men like old socks.  Gnats!  Shoo!

Enough sacrificing!
For what?
To be crucified time and time again?
To be told to Shut that Trap and Sit her (loooks GREAT in jeans) butt down?
Hell No!
Did you hear me?
I said A HELL NO!

The time is now, people.  She is rising up from that cold tundra igloo.. Camp Wasilla!
She has spent enough time plotting her next strategic move.
We got a Lyin' Kenyan in the White House!
Babies are being slaughtered left and right.
Money is being burnt like there's no tomorrow.
Congress is in shambles.
POW!  Taste this Night Stick!

This news of her parting has risen the PDS all over the internet.
Plenty are having their jollies poking fun at our Queen ... soon to be Their's!
We won't stand for that here.
I've compiled our own precious stock of Sarah Palin FOX moments.
SHE was the FACE of FOX.
Too bad for them.... if they'd only humbled themselves and sought her face.. their network would of been healed.
Sayanara Traitors!
You lost your only hope!

Enjoy... and share!

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We adhere to strict rules here at C4P. (beware the Swinger site if googled inappropriately)
Our Queen, Our God (here on earth), Our Governor reigns supreme.
There will be no discourse, questioning, pondering, and most definitely NO insinuating what she should do.
In a nutshell, GOD tells her what to do.
There is no questioning that.
All Trolls will be SWIFTLY banned to the highest extent of C4P (remember not the swinger site) Law.
Security is on high alert and appropriate action will be taken.. except for you, Itchy Peter's Peter or Brian's Flaming Anus.

Brian's Flaming Anus
On page 22, word 14, there is the most odd punctuation.  A comma.
I can only gleam from this holy passage that it means pause.
Why pause, you ask?
Pause equals BRACE yourselves.  Meh to the Earthquake
A TSUNAMI is a comin'!   A title wave of relentless reformed transformation likes never the likes have been seen!

Peter's Itching Pecker
I gave my last 10cents towards the PAC.  Look it gets lonely and I admit that.  Christian Mingle was fun but I need a real woman.  I'm only 22 but I really think Cougar's are where it's at.  One day Sarah will tire of Todd and me and my pecker.. well, I know this is inappropriate but I have her calendar and her book and every interview she's ever done sitting on my desk top .. Look, Boys will be Boys, right?  Not sure where I'm going with this..