Saturday, September 8, 2012

RNC vrs. DNC : Will the Real Patriots Stand Up?

What's going on?

Evening Barbaric Patriots.
As the Northern Star shines bright in the Northern Northward Alaskan Direction Sky
over Camp Wasilla, I greet you all.

Anybody But Obama!
Those are the words chanted to us by Madame Palin.
As much as we have tried to refrain from promoting Mittens Romney, given how he has shoved The Governor from her rightful chance at the White House, we must.
We must, at the very least, review the recent Republican National Convention.

Rather than bore you all with clips and transcripts and reviews we have decided, here at Sea of Pee, to simply let you visually see the vast difference between the RNC and the DNC.
Pay special attention to the speakers.  Watch closely the crowd.
Keep a keen eye on the Christian love that shines forth from the True Patriots at the RNC
vrs the full of hate Lefties at the DNC.

After viewing, please share with the Lefties in your life so they may see the Democratic Party for who it is.
God Hating, angry people, the real racists.

WARNING:  Before viewing the DNC (Demonic National Convention) clutch your Bible close.
Hum a few hymns.  Recite the Lord's Prayer backwards and forwards, several times.
Remove children from the room.  They wouldn't of been born if the Lefties had their way!
The hate you are about to see will bring about Nightmares.

**We have closed all comments due to excessive reference to Jennifer Granholm's revealing Hooker outfit.