Friday, August 31, 2012

Squashing the Sex Pot Myth of the Lefties

Good evening folks.
Anything going on?

Our Governor has been busy catering to sleazy, slimy FOX News that ungraciously cancelled her recent interview slots to tell the working public people how relentless reform will save our nation.

We need The Governor. America needs The Governor.
This is the lady that will save America.
Take it Back!
OBAMA has to Go!

She graciously returned recently to FOX to spread her words of ringing hope and truth.
Of course the liberal left has taken their swipe!
They have accused this highly moral, ethically charged, conservative CHRISTIAN woman that puts God and HIS laws above all of being an angry delusional washed up HAG! or a plastic blow up doll sex pot!

Have they even watched her interviews?
Do they even pay attention?

Our devoted behind the scenes team has taken the liberty to collect images from her recent interviews to prove once and for all Our Governor is of Utmost Moral Character.
Thank you to PetersPeterItches, BriansBarbaricAnus,
and VAGentlemanisSingle804-555-2964 for their dedication in putting this slideshow together.

We bring you now Our Lady Peace.....



What's the big flippin' dill people??  She's Alaskan.  She's gonna be stacked.  It's how they roll.


I don't even notice her puckering.  heck, don't even watch her only listen with my eyes closed.


Her hair is real!!


Look, it's about sudden relentless reform and the job umbrella taking back our nation from the likes of the marxist demonic incumbent in office!  Who gives a crap if her message comes across pleasing to the loins?
I sure the heck don't.  


Exactly.  If it takes reaching below the belt to make an impact more power to her.  Hail the Governor!


I've watched her.  Boy have I watched her!  Over and over and over.. in the dark.. in the light.. in the middle of the night.. she is trying NOT to be sexy!  She can't help the forming of her lips!  She can't help how plump and juicy they are!  Jealous liberal lefties .. jealous of luscious lips that can please the likes of Todd!

Just Dan

I was just thinking about Todd!  Lucky man!  lucky, lucky men.. I bet she's a grizzly in .. well, you know.
But she's a good upstanding woman and she's married according to God's law so it's OK for her to have sexual sex type things going on with her mouth because she's married!


I don't see any lip puckering.  I see a lady trying hard to blow out those words with all she's got.  She's tiny!  She HAS to strain and push!  I'll remember this the next time I give my account of Going Rogue pg 82 line 17 word 4 letter 3 ink droplet .293


Holy Cow!  Is she having an orgasm??

Jasmine's Bark

You wish you perv.  You don't care about the good Governor.  You people make me sick.


I don't know about ya'll but I'm mighty enjoying the show.  I haven't had this much action in years.
God does answer prayers.  Oh yes he does