Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Governor Palin vrs. "Hillary" - Bring It On!

What's shakin'?

The time is now to get serious.
First off, I'd like to address some recent complaints on our dedicated to the "one and only" blog.
Lots of talk about the few flakes of snow happening around the country recently. 
Complaining about how cold it is and having to crank up the old heater.

No matter how much you are suffering, Governor Palin suffers more.
Alaska has more snow and cold weather than the states combined.
When you shiver to 20 degree weather, SHE shivers to -90 degree weather.
When you have a few flakes or feet of snow, SHE has 20 feet!

It is by her wounds we can carry on.... onward 2016!

The Queen of the Northern Lights (and coldest weather) is now lying dormant.
Dormant like that Dragon resting and preparing for it's next great battle to be won.
Like the calm before a storm.
She is preparing, plotting, sacrificing every second before springing forth to finally take down
 "The Establishment" and remove every lyin', hell bent Liberal from Washington.

What are you doing?
Complaining about how cold it is?
Get up, stand up and prepare!

It has come to my attention the biggest battle yet will be against a fierce opponent, Mrs. Hillary Clinton.
It is time to educate yourselves and be familiar with her many short comings so we can help take her down when The Guv gives word.
Educated and Prepare.

Until that word is given from above.. from the North.. send your money to "The PAC".
The PAC of Grizzly Bears who will take down the lowly Ms. Clinton.
Please study ..and share!!

**Oh Say Can You See......
God Bless America!... 
She's A Grand Ole' Flag...***
(forget Red, White and Blue.... it's the NEW Red, PINK (Lipstick), and Blue!)

A Comprehensive Comparison of Accomplishments between The Governor Palin and "Hillary"

The Governor, an important basketball star, was known as 
"The Barracuda" 
 because of her biting and scratching on the court.

By 13, the young Hillary Rodham was already developing a growing
interest in politics - but not in the party one would expect. Born
into a conservative Illinois family, Hillary canvassed for Richard
Nixon in his failed 1960 campaign against John Kennedy. Four years
later, she volunteered for Barry Goldwater, the staunch conservative
who won the Republican nomination, in 1964. Declaring herself a
“Goldwater Girl”, Hillary wore a cowboy hat and a sash emblazoned with
AuH20 (the chemical formula for gold and water).


As a young adult, Miss Sarah attended 6 different colleges.
We aren't exactly which ones or for how long attended each, or why she quit one and went to another.
But that doesn't matter!
Sarah Palin  DID go to college 
and she DID strut her stuff in a tiny swimsuit and played a flute in a beauty pageant.



Hillary was still a Republican when she enrolled at Wellesley College,
an elite women’s university outside Boston, and chaired the party’s
campus group as well as being elected president of the student
government. Yet her views were evolving as America was wracked by war
in Vietnam and the struggle for civil rights at home. By 1968 she had
switched sides to support Eugene McCarthy, the liberal, anti-war
Hillary continued to impress peers and teachers at university and was
asked to give the commencement address at her class’s graduated. Amid
the roaring applause, people began to whisper she could be the first
female President of the United States. Her Democratic views solidified
at Yale Law School, where she met William Jefferson Clinton, a
charismatic Arkansan who was increasingly active in the party.
Watergate Committee

As Bill mulled making a first run for Congress in 1974, Hillary moved
to Washington as a Congressional staffer. She arrived at the height of
the Watergate scandal and was soon involved in preparing impeachment
proceedings against Richard Nixon, the man she had once campaigned
for. Although Nixon resigned before impeachment could begin, Hillary
would carry the lessons of her time in Congress to her own husband’s
impeachment two decades later.
First Lady of Arkansas

Hillary and Chelsea with Bill Clinton as he announces his bid for the presidency
After failing her Washington bar exam, Hillary finally decided to
accept Bill’s many offers of marriage and moved to Arkansas with him.
He was elected the state’s governor at the age of 32 and she became
First Lady of Arkansas. Restless with the ceremonial role, Hillary
became involved in the state’s education policy while juggling work at
a law firm and giving birth to their only child, Chelsea.
First Lady of the United States


The Governor Sarah Palin also got married and had a child.
Mr. Todd Palin was a studly young buck who won Sarah's youthful heart.
Their love was so strong they did things a little backwards.
She could foresee the future and knew everything would work out with God's perfect timing.

She actually was pregnant with her blessed COMBAT Troop son, Track, when she and Todd flitted off into the night and secretly got married.

Many might frown on this fornication and sneakiness but Sarah and Todd knew what they were doing.
Had they not joined together in love, prior to marriage, but waited... the joining of the egg and sperm would NOT of been TRACK!
God wanted TRACK to be their first born son.
Had Miss Sarah done it "by the book" she would of never had TRACK!

Maybe Tribe or Trina, but NOT Track.
Pay close attention before you cast judgement!
All was God's perfect plan.


Her time in the public spotlight in Arkansas was little preparation
for the intensity of Bill’s 1992 presidential bid. The young candidate
was waylaid by allegations of an extramarital affair and Hillary
repeatedly stood in front of the cameras to defend her husband. She
caused controversy with a disparaging remark about stay-at-home
mothers and but the pair were eventually able to out manoeuvre first
fellow Democrats and then George HW Bush to win the presidency.
In the White House, Hillary assumed a serious policy role and took the
lead on Bill’s failed efforts to reform the American healthcare


Young Miss Palin becomes Mayor of Wasilla, a city north of Anchorage that had about 5,000 residents when she took over. 


Hillary Rodham Clinton served as a United States Senator from New York from January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009.  She won the United States Senate election in New York, 2000 and the United States Senate election in New York, 2006.


Sarah Heath Palin runs for Governor of the 
Powerful State of Alaska!


In January 2007, Hillary delivered the news her supporters had been
waiting decades for: she was running for president. She entered the
Democratic primary as the overwhelming favorite but went down to a
shock defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, then a youthful Illinois
senator, in the Iowa caucuses. Despite winning the critical New
Hampshire primary, Hillary never caught up with Obama and dropped out
of the race to campaign on his behalf against John McCain.

The new president shocked Hillary and the world when he asked her to
serve as America's top diplomat. Although she initially turned down
his offer, Obama persisted and she eventually agreed to take on the
role. Over four years she visited 112 countries and wracked up nearly
1 million miles in the air, as she carried Obama's message of
multilateralism and cautious use of American power around the world.
In Washington, she became one of the President's closest advisors
working closely with the White House as the Arab Spring flared and the
US moved to kill Osama bin Laden. Although she earned wide praise, and
largely floated above partisan politics, the security failures ahead
of the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi will remain part of her


Sarah Heath Palin runs for VP!

The Governor VP run ends in defeat due to 
Leftist Extremists Media.

The Good Governor FORCED TO Quit.

The Governor of the most Powerful State joins FOX News and may or may not run for President!!!
What a lady!

Add to Governor Palin's already stellar record:
Host of Real American Stories! 
(one episode before show canned by elitists in Washington!) 

Reality Show!

Daughter Bristol is a Dancing Star!

Daughter Bristol is a Reality Star!

Todd Palin, Reality Star!

The Governor TURNS HER BACK on FOX News!

Throw in all the speeches and campaign appearances for other Patriots which were necessary in order to feed her family.  She made hundreds of thousands of $$.
This Mama Grizzly takes care of her own!
Is there any question which candidate will plow through Washington in 2016, taking the throne from Obama and Shake Stuff Up Once and For All?
Governor Sarah Heath Palin for President!

Start your engines.........