Saturday, October 29, 2011

GOP National Debate Oct 11, 2011

So, what's going on today? Anything?  At all?

So, look, since the great Governor has forced us to look upon other candidates for true leadership, here.
Just watch it.

Anything going on?

CHARLIE ROSE: Good evening folks! As you all know we have an election coming up. An election to elect the highest office of the land. The most esteemed position in America. Out of the billions of American's who walk amongst us, I have for you tonight EIGHT cream of the crop right here with me. The brightest brains. The bravest souls. One of these may be the next Leader of the Free World.

Our very own singing Godfather of the Pizza Pie Mr. 9-9-9 himself Herman Cain.

We have all dressed all White, with long freshly manicured fingernails to match, standing out as the beacon Miracle of Lights, Holy Mother of 1000 starving kids - many of whom are our nation's rejects - Congresswoman Bachmann

Mr. It's all gonna go Boom! Representative Ron Paul

Always ready to tell us about all the Gloom, Doom and Decay facing America, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Can't get anymore American than a Texas Cowboy, Mr. Slick himself, Governor Rick Perry

Psst! I'm still here. Hello? Over here, Senator Rick Santorum

I'd Rather Be Anywhere But Here...Former Governor Jon Huntsman

and last, but not in the least, our Rock Hudson wanna be, Former Governor Mitt Romney.

I begin this evening with one of those chosen, the Godfather of Pizza, Mr. Herman Cain.
Please don't sing.
Mr. Cain! What would YOU do to end the paralysis of Washington?

HERMAN CAIN: Bold Solutions 9-9-9. It's all about ending the National Debt!

MR. ROSE: Governor Perry, are you prepared to go to Washington as the Ronald Reagan, to compromise on spending cuts and taxes?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY (R-TX): See, being the Governor of the 2nd Largest State, I know compromise. But it's all about Energy Independence!

MR. ROSE: Yes, well the question was in regard to spending cuts and taxes but.. now to Governor Romney. Back to subject of paralysis in Washington. What SPECIFICALLY would you do to address these problems? Specific, please.. subject: Paralysis of Washington (not energy)

MITT ROMNEY: Well, I'd be a Leader. It's all about being a Leader. That is where Obama fails.

MR. ROSE: Ok, and you would compromise? The paralysis of Washington, ring a bell?


MR. ROSE: -- AND be prepared to compromise, right?

MR. ROMNEY: Sure. I still gotta stand by my principles. Won't be compromising on those. America is desperate for a Leader...and stop spending.

MR. ROSE: Yes, well, so ....Let me introduce my friend Karen. Karen?

KAREN TUMULTY: Hello, hello.. Congresswoman Bachmann, Main Street vrs Wall Street. One suffers and one thrives. Do you think those Wall Street Executives should of gone to Jail over what they did to our economy?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN): I think, you can trace it back to our federal government. You see....

MS. TUMULTY: But the federal government had also deregulated them.

REP. BACHMANN: It was those horrible, sinful, damaging loans. I blame Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Freddie and Fanny.

MS. TUMULTY: So Speaker Gingrich, it sounds like Congresswoman Bachmann doesn't believe Wall Street it so blame. Do you believe those protesting Wall Street have no grievance?

MR. GINGRICH: Uh, No. The protestors are either left wing agitators or Tea Party People who care. They pick up their trash. The agitators don't.

MR. ROSE: Clearly, you're not saying they should go to jail.

MR. GINGRICH: Well, just go back and look.

MS. TUMULTY: So if you were in the White --

MR. GINGRICH: -- look at Everybody! Go after Bernanke
(Whoo Hoo!! Applause from the Audience)


MR. GINGRICH: Oh, I'm not finished yet! Go after Bernanke!! He has a secret power.

MS. TUMULTY: So, Congressman Paul, where do you come down this?

REPRESENTATIVE RON PAUL (R-TX): There are folks right here who walk amongst us at this table who didn't want to audit the Fed. If you don't know the problem it will go BOOM! The housing bubble - BOOM!

MR. ROSE: Julianna.

JULIANNA GOLDMAN: Thank you, Charlie. What would you do to create jobs would you do to create jobs, Senator Santorum?

RICK SANTORUM: Uh, you have to be competitive. Repeal every regulation Obama put in place. You do realize my state, NOT Texas, is the gas capital of the world. Not to brag or anything. Yup.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MS. GOLDMAN: What would you do right now to create jobs?

MR. SANTORUM: The cool thing about MY plan, as apposed to Herman's..what is it? 1-2-3-a-b-c? Oh yea, 9-9-9, So MY plan would actually pass tomorrow.

MS. GOLDMAN: Thank you. Governor Huntsman, since the question is about creating JOBS. What do you think the innovative jobs or tomorrow are?

JON HUNTSMAN: First let me tell you why Rick is wrong. Pennsylvania is NOT the gas capital of the country. Washington, D.C. is.. I made a silly!
We need innovation and innovated jobs to beat the Chinese and those Indians.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. ROSE: Karen.

MS. TUMULTY: Congressman Gingrich -- Speaker Gingrich, Medicare is going broke. Is the research being done at Dartmouth wasteful?

MR. GINGRICH: I was just emailing Andy von Eschenbeck, head of the Cancer Institute. Regarding these Prostrates, the U.S. Government is going to KILL people. Silly Governor Palin was right about those Death Panels.

MS. TUMULTY: Well, Congresswoman Bachmann, of course no one wants the government to come between a doctor and a patient, but do you think that Americans are getting the most for their money in Medicare spending?

REP. BACHMANN: Why, yes. Medicare. The very old and fragile beautiful American people. So just this last summer I asked Obama what his plan was to save old ladies, Medicare. He ignored me until the third time. He looked down at me with those mean, hateful eyes and seethed the word Obamacare. I think it should be Obama Don't Care!

MR. ROSE: We'll come back to Medicare..I want to talk about advisers and appointees. Governor Huntsman, who's advice to you seek on economic issues?

MR. HUNTSMAN: Those who build and manufacture like my dad and brother. So being Governor of the great state of Utah, I created the Flat Tax.

MR. ROSE: The flat tax you mentioned.. do you look with favor upon Mr. Cain's 9-9-9 plan?

MR. HUNTSMAN: Oh it's catchy. I thought he was talking about the price of pizza. No really, I did.

MR. ROSE : Price of a pizza? Excuse me?

MR. HUNTSMAN: So anyway, we need something doable. MY plan is doable.

MR. ROSE: Julianna.

MS. GOLDMAN: Thank you. We will be coming back to 9-9-9, but first --

MR. CAIN: Uh hello? Price of a Pizza??

MS. GOLDMAN: Well, but -- but --

MR. CAIN: He mentioned me -- should I sing?

MS. TUMULTY: Mr. Cain, who do you turn to for political advice and for economic advice?

MR. CAIN: Rich Lowry out of Cleveland. He is an economist.


MR. CAIN: Rich Lowry out of Cleveland, Texas

MR. ROSE: Julianna.

MS. GOLDMAN: Thank you. Governor Romney, it's 2013 and the European debt crisis has worsened, . What would you do differently than what President Bush, Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke did in 2008?

MR. ROMNEY: Uh, that's hypothetical..

GOLDMAN: But it's not a hypothetical because more than half the --

MR. ROMNEY: It is.

MS. GOLDMAN: It's not -- Governor, it's not a --

MR. ROMNEY: Explain why that is not hypothetical.

MS. GOLDMAN: Because more than half the country believes that a financial meltdown is likely in the next several years, and the U.S. banks have at least $700 billion in exposure to Europe. So it's a very real threat, and voters want to know what you would do differently.

MR. ROMNEY: it's still hypothetical.

MS. GOLDMAN: But -- so would you -- so would you or would you not be open to another Wall Street bailout?


GOLDMAN: But you said in 2008 that it prevented the collapse of the financial --

MR. ROMNEY: There is no question President Bush made the right decision.

MR. ROSE: So you agree -- you agree with Speaker Gingrich about Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Fed?

MR. ROMNEY: I wouldn't keep Ben Bernanke in office. I'd choose someone of my -- of my own -- .

MR. ROSE: And who might that be? Specifics would be nice.

MR. ROMNEY: Well, I don't know. I don't even know if I'm a nominee yet? HAW HAW

MR. ROSE: It would be nice to have a clue what kind of people you would chose. This is a very important role. This debate, actually, is very important. Enough with all the jokes.

MR. ROMNEY: I like Greg Mankiw at Harvard.

MR. ROSE: Right.

MR. ROMNEY: We don't need all these hypotheticals.. I want someone smart. People who protect American jobs, like me, you know.

MR. ROSE: And as far as you're concerned, there's no institution -- no financial institution that's too big to fail.

MR. ROMNEY: Nope.. Don't bail out anyone.  Michele's lookin' hawt tonight.

MS. GOLDMAN: Mr. Cain, back in 2008, you wrote that the Wall Street bailout was a win-win for the taxpayer. You just heard Governor Romney. Do you agree?

MR. CAIN: Conceptually I made that statement based on concept. I didn't agree with it.

MR. ROSE: Housing is considered one of the real problems in terms of our economy, and getting housing starts up --

MR. GINGRICH: Can I say one thing before we go to housing?

MR. ROSE: Yes.

MR. GINGRICH: Because I think this is really important. Back to that hypothetical.. there is a real possibility we could have a meltdown next year. End times are coming, folks.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. GINGRICH: Documents from the Fed need to be released! Beware!!

MR. ROSE: Back to Housing, would you get the federal government out of housing? Yes?

REP. PAUL: Absolutely

MR. ROSE: No Freddie -- no Freddie Mac, no Fannie Mae, nothing?

REP. PAUL: No, that's where the distortions come. So this housing bubble. We had too many houses. Doomed bubbles burst!

MR. ROSE: Time.

All right, we'll be back. Take a break and be right back. Stay with us from Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire.
MR. ROSE: I want to take a look at a series of clips we'll show you in this segment, beginning with this one of a former president.
(Begin videotaped segment.)

FORMER PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: The single-most important question facing us tonight is, do we reduce deficits and interest rates by raising revenue from those who are not now paying their fair share, or do we accept bigger budget deficits, higher interest rates and higher unemployment simply because we disagree on certain features of a legislative package which offers hope for millions of Americans at home, on the farm and in the workplace?
(End videotaped segment.)

MR. ROSE: Let me go to the governor of Texas. Do you agree with the former president?

GOV. PERRY: Well, those were different times.

MR. ROSE: Back to my original question, the paralysis of Washington. This requires compromise, as Reagan suggested, correct?

MR. ROMNEY: Well, I -- I don't know what particular compromises he was referring to. Just stop spending.

MS. TUMULTY: But could we get back to the actual choice that is likely to confront Congress at the end of the year, which is some mix of revenues and cuts or these draconian automatic spending cuts that would include defense. Which of those two, if that is the choice, would you prefer?

MR. ROMNEY: Well, don't cut defense. That is terrible. And don't raise taxes. That is terrible. The President has a job's bill.

MS. TUMULTY: So this is --

MR. ROMNEY: How'd his last jobs bill work out for us?

MS. TUMULTY: But this is the automatic cut --

MR. ROMNEY: Not -- not so well.


MR. ROMNEY: That supercommitte needs to reign in the scale of the federal government.


MR. ROMNEY: -- and reform our entitlements....
Grow jobs, Cut Government.

MR. ROSE: Without any increase in revenue?

MR. GINGRICH: I'd like to speak again. This is important. The President shows zero leadership and congress adopted a stupid bill. The bill says we are either going to shoot ourselves in the head or chop off a leg. We will show you how to chop off that bloody leg on Thanksgiving Day. Or shoot yourself in the head.

MR. ROSE: All right. Congressman Bachmann.

REP. BACHMANN: Charlie, I can call you Charlie, right? I was the leading voice in the Wilderness, last summer. That lone ranger of a voice calling out to the wild. Ahwoooo! Don't give Barack anymore money to spend!
We need to cut back on spending. THAT is the answer, Charlie. My nails sure are clicky!

MR. ROSE: Will cutting back on the spending --

REP. BACHMANN: Those beautiful, fragile young people will be paying for this burden, Charlie. Who's going to get out of bed and work when they have to pay huge taxes? Huh? Charlie?

MR. ROSE: Cutting back on spending, in your judgment, will do it?


MR. ROSE: I want you to take a look at another clip; this one you will recognize as well. Don't let the nightclub act fool you.
Here it is.
(Begin videotaped segment.)

MR. CAIN: It's called the 9-9-9 plan. (Applause.) It imposes a 9 percent business flat tax, a 9 percent personal flat tax and a 9 percent national sales tax.
(End videotaped segment.)

MR. ROSE: Go ahead, Julianna.

MS. GOLDMAN: Mr. Cain, you said your plan is revenue neutral? You'd be slapping 9 percent tax rate on food and medicine.

MR. CAIN: The problem with that analysis is that it is incorrect.

MS. GOLDMAN: Well -- well --

MR. CAIN: You are making assumptions. 9-9-9 throws out the current tax code. Drive the economy, take risks and get sound money.

MR. ROSE: All right. Karen -- go ahead. I'm sorry, go ahead.

MS. GOLDMAN: But then explain why, under your plan, all Americans should be paying more for milk, for a loaf of bread, and beer?

MR. CAIN: I don't buy beer. Look, you have to start with the biggest tax Americans pay.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. CAIN: -- because there is no tax on used goods.

MS. GOLDMAN: But Congresswoman Bachmann, you're a former IRS lawyer. Do you agree?

REP. BACHMANN: Ha, yes. It isn't a job plan, it is a TAX plan. As my experience and being a federal lawyer, and all... A sales tax can lead to a value added tax. Take that 9-9-9 and turn that smile upside down.. it is WICKED!

MR. ROSE: All right. I have to --

MR. CAIN: You've got to let me respond.

MR. ROSE: We've given you several chances to respond.

MS. TUMULTY: Governor Huntsman, you were also ambassador to China, and you say that this would risk a trade war. So what do you say to people who ask, aren't we already in a trade war with China?
MR. HUNTSMAN: It's going to be the United States vs.China on the World Stage.

MS. TUMULTY: You know, Governor Romney, this issue does carry a lot of resonance, especially in states like New Hampshire which, as you probably know, has lost a greater percentage of its manufacturing jobs to China than any other state.Why should voters believe that you would be any different?

MR. ROMNEY: Those Chinese played people like a fiddle. Devil Went Down to Georgia? 9-9-9..6-6-6?

MS. TUMULTY: But is --

MR. ROMNEY: China the Cheats.  They manipulate currency.

MR. ROSE: Let me go to Governor Perry and then governor -- then Governor Huntsman.
Governor Perry.

GOV. PERRY: We don't need 9-9-9 or 6-6-6. Energy Independence!

MR. ROSE: All right. I want to come back to these issues, but let me introduce -- speaking of CEOs and business -- this is a New Hampshire native. His name is David Cote. He is chairman and CEO of Honeywell, and he is a former member of the Simpson-Bowles commission.
Here he is.
(begin/end video)

MR. ROSE: Senator Santorum, we talked about jobs in Pennsylvania. A competitive agenda of yours would be what?

MR. SANTORUM:  I want to beat China.

MR. ROSE: Yeah.

MR. SANTORUM: I'm not done yet. I've -- I've only been able to answer one question, unlike everybody else here, you are playing favorites.

MR. ROSE: Right. I mean.. go on

MR. SANTORUM: Repeal Obamacare. I was in small town, real America talking about how Obama is out to crush it.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. SANTORUM: We need to repeal it -- let me finis $&#@

MR. ROSE: Yes, you do, but you --

MR. SANTORUM: We need to repeal it --

MR. ROSE: We got that already

MR. SANTORUM: I know. Well, I'm --

MR. ROSE: Time. You see the red light. Time!

MR. SANTORUM: -- (spending up the ?) time. We need to repeal it !

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. CAIN: 9-9-9 is bold!

MR. ROSE: Governor Romney.

MR. ROMNEY: KILL Obamacare
MR ROMNEY: Let me finish Let me finish! Let me finish!

MR. ROSE: OK. Let him finish, then we'll go to Huntsman, then we go to break. And then when we come back, each of you can question each other.

MR. ROMNEY: So as I was saying....

MR. ROSE: All right. Government Huntsman, then we go.

MR. HUNTSMAN: Mitt, your plan is not going to do anything.

MR. ROMNEY: I said Repeal it. Did you miss that?

MR. HUNTSMAN: Not the mandate..

MR. SANTORUM: The mandate has no teeth because there's no tax penalty

MR. ROSE: All right, we have much to talk about. When we come back, the candidates will ask questions of each other, after this break. (Applause.)

MR. ROSE: Welcome back. We're at the Republican presidential candidates' debate. -- and we're pleased now to turn around a bit and have the candidates question each other. They will each have 30 seconds to pose and answer -- will have one minute to respond -- 30 seconds per question, one minute to respond.

They'll proceed in alphabetical order. I remember that -- I want you to remember, as we talk about this, we're talking about the economy or those things that affect the economy. Specifics!

Beginning in alphabetical order: Congresswoman Bachmann.

REP. BACHMANN: Thank you. In the 80's, Ronald Reagan introduced a Miracle. An economic miracle. While we were wishing and yearning, YOU! Governor Perry was buddying up to Al Gore. Increase Taxes! Increast the debt! We are talking Trillions of Dollars, Charlie. How can we trust Governor Perry?

GOV. PERRY: Well, I like those in Texas and those people in the deep South, can I get an Amen? We grew up Democrat. So anyway, I know how to balance a budget and deal with spending issues and create jobs.

MR. ROSE: Herman Cain -- question.

MR. CAIN: Yes. The 9-9-9 plan is bold!
My question is to Governor Romney. Can you name all 59 points in your 160-page plan?

MR. ROMNEY: The Rule of Law.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. ROMNEY: -- Create Schools.

MR. CAIN: So no, it's not simple is what you're saying.

MR. ROMNEY: (inaudible).

MR. ROSE: All right. Speaker Gingrich, question.


MR. ROSE: Governor Huntsman.

MR. HUNTSMAN: Since this discussion is all about economics, Governor Romney, I promise this won't be about religion. Haw, haw. How can you with the job creation debate given your background?

MR. ROMNEY: We started Staples, Sports Authority, Bright Horizons Children's Center. Steel mills.

MR. ROSE: All right. Congressman Paul.

REP. PAUL: Mr. Cain, you are critical of us who want to audit the belittled us...

MR. ROSE: Question?

REP. PAUL: Sixty-four percent of the American people want a full audit of the Fed on a regular basis.
MR. ROSE: Mr. Cain?

MR. CAIN: My priority is 9-9-9- Bold!

MR. ROSE: Governor Perry, question for --
GOV. PERRY: Governor Romney, "Romneycare" and "Obamnycare" Sitting in a Tree

MR. ROMNEY: I am from Texas. 
We have the lowest number of kids, as a percentage, uninsured, of any state in America. You have the highest. You have over --

MR. ROMNEY: -- I'm still -- I'm still speaking. I'm still speaking!

GOV. PERRY: -- I didn't say anything.

MR. ROMNEY: I'm still speaking! We have -- we have less than 1 percent of our kids -- they're uninsured. You have a million kids uninsured in Texas -- a million kids.

MR. ROMNEY: Congresswoman Bachmann
What do you do to help the American people get back to work, be able to make ends meet? You've got families that are sitting around the kitchen table, wondering how they're going to make it --

REP. BACHMANN: Well, you do realize I am a mother of TWENTY EIGHT Kids. Please visit and you can see my solutions. That is MicheleBachm....

MR. ROSE: Time.


MR. SANTORUM: Four people on this panel that actually supported TARP -- wanting to constrict our very Freedom!
MS. : So do you have a question for one of them?

MR. SANTORUM: My question is, Herman Cain, how can we trust that you wont take freedoms away from freedom loving Americans?

MR. CAIN: 9-9-9
MR. SANTORUM: And by the way, the other three sneaks are Huntsman, Perry, and Romney.

MR. CAIN: First you need My 9-9-9- plan, then hold Congress' feet to the fire and then don't raise anything on the 9-9-9

MR. SANTORUM: You're not going to be president forever.

MR.CAIN:  You think...
MR. ROSE: With that we take a break and come back for our final segment. Stay with us. (Applause.)

MR. ROSE: We are back at Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire, talking with the eight Republican candidates about a variety of issues. Clearly, we come back to health care. I want to go to Governor Perry. Explain to me what you think the difference is about your health care ideas and Governor Romney's health care ideas and how you see mandates and how he sees mandates and the Constitution, because not only has there been some exchange here, Governor Christie got involved today.

GOV. PERRY:   People sitting around eating and watching TV waiting for Ideas.

MS. TUMULTY: But Governor Perry, as The Washington Post fact- checker noted, Texas has had 16 waivers for Medicaid. So how can you say that the problem is that the federal government has not given Texas enough flexibility?

GOV. PERRY: I don't want to have to ask Mother every time I come up with a concept or an idea.
MR. ROSE: Julianna.

MS. GOLDMAN: Thank you, Charlie.
Mr. Cain, you disapprove of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, and we all know that your priority is 9-9-9.  So which Federal Reserve chairman, over the last 40 years, do you think has been most successful and might serve as a model for that appointment?

MR. CAIN: Alan Greenspan.


MR. CAIN: He oversaw the fed back in the 90's. There are two candidates, which I cannot name, who should replace Bernanke.

MS. GOLDMAN: So you have two appointments waiting in the wings for -- for 2013, for this -- when his --

MR. CAIN: Yes.

MS. GOLDMAN: -- term is up, 2014?

MR. CAIN: Yes. I have two candidates waiting in the wings to take that job.

MS. GOLDMAN: How about a hint?

MR. CAIN: Nope.

REP. PAUL: Nice. Such secrecy. By the way, Alan Greenspan was a complete disaster. BOOM!
MR. ROSE: Congresswoman Bachmann.

REP. BACHMANN: Go to you will see I wanted to repeal Dodd-Frank. This is dirty dealing.
MR. ROSE: OK. Here, and then go over here -- first, and then there.

MR. CAIN: I agree, repeal Dodd-Frank.

REP. PAUL: I just want to add one quick thing. You know, Dodd- Frank, obviously, is a disaster.
I mean, if you look at what we've done as Republicans, we have caused a lot of problems.  BOOM!

MR. ROSE: All right, I want to bring my colleagues in.

MS. TUMULTY: Right. Governor Perry, taxpayers stand to lose half a billion dollars in the collapse of Solyndra, which is a solar energy firm that was a centerpiece of the Obama green jobs initiative. Do you think there were inadequate safeguards there, or do you think this is just the risk we run when the government gets involved in subsidizing new industries and technologies?

GOV. PERRY: Well, I don't think the federal government should be involved in anything at all.

MS. TUMULTY: Your own state auditor said earlier this year that that fund is neither accountable nor transparent. The Dallas Morning News reported that that fund gave $16 million to companies that are connected to your campaign contributors. And like Solyndra, some of the emerging technology fund investments have gone bust. So how is this different in principle from the Obama administration's efforts to pick winners in the future economy?

GOV. PERRY: Texas loves me.

MR. ROSE: All right.

MR. ROSE:  Before a closing question, I want not this hour and a half to pass without some recognition and conversation about the question of disparity in America. Karen.

MS. TUMULTY: Governor Perry, over the last 30 years, the income of the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans has grown by more than 300 percent. And yet, we have more people living in poverty in this country than at any time in the last 50 years. Is this acceptable? And what would you do to close that gap?

GOV. PERRY: The reason so many people live in poverty is because of the President the job serial killer.  We need to do everything we can to replace Barack Obama 2012. Can I get a Woot Woot?

MR. ROSE: All right, let me just --

MR. SANTORUM: There's more -- there's more to it --

MR. ROSE: OK, but we're almost out of time. I want to give you a chance, and then we have to go to a final question.

MR. SANTORUM: The biggest problem with poverty in America is the breakdown of the American family. We need to support family and encourage marriage....

MR. ROSE: All right. One last question as we close this evening, and each of you 30 seconds. What is it about you that you want to connect with the American people in their both despair and in their hope for the future that says something essentially about who you are? And I begin with Congresswoman Bachmann.

REP. BACHMANN: I'm so so sorry, Charlie.

MR. ROSE: It is about the individual. ... but I want to talk for a moment, as a last impression, a sense of what it is about you that you want to hear and let the American people know about you and your sense of recognizing their own pain as well as their hope? Basically why should we feel sorry for YOU?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, I do -- I grew up in a middle-class home. We went to below --

MR. ROSE: Thirty seconds. I'm sorry.
REP. BACHMANN: Well, we went below poverty when my parents divorced and my mom struggled so hard, Charlie. We all got job. All of us kids did. We were still kids but we worked our way through college and eventually my husband, who's not Gay, started a business. We save at-risk kids. You know the ones no body wants? They are pitiful, pitiful children but I was their savior. I saved 23 of those type of children. The ones no body wants. Worthless, pitiful.

But we what the world needs now is love, sweet love, Charlie. The more that we can do to love people, the better off the society will be.

MR. ROSE: And Herman Cain. Thirty seconds.

MR. CAIN: I can connect to people's pain. Heck, I'm the Pizza man. I was po' before I was poor. My dad worked 72 jobs all at one times. We need a bold plan.

MR. ROSE: Congressman -- Speaker Gingrich.

MR. GINGRICH: Well, look now I was an Army brat. I was always having to pack my bags and move. That is extremely painful. I know pain. I was an Army brat. But, look, we need a Leader that finds a Solution. But I sympathize with all the pain and decaying destruction.

MR. ROSE: Congressman Paul.

REP. PAUL: My goal is liberty, justice and the pursuit of all. Peace and Money. Money gives us prosperity. All you have to do is believe in liberty. BOOM!

MR. ROSE: Senator Santorum.

MR. SANTORUM: Uh, well I grew up in a steel town. Manufacturing is the ticket to life. That is pain.

MR. ROSE: Governor Huntsman.

MR. HUNTSMAN: Not only have I been part of a family business, but I looked in the faces of people who had the dignity of a job. I know pain.

MR. ROSE: Governor Perry.

GOV. PERRY: Charlie, as the son of tenant farmers and a uniform wearer, I created jobs. That's what the beggars want. Jobs. America is begging. Pain.

MR. ROSE: Governor Romney.

MR. ROMNEY: We've talked about a lot this evening but it's all about a brighter future for the kids. My experience will get our economy strong and the grow the military. It's all about pain.

MR. ROSE: All right. I want to thank each and all of the candidates who sat at this table this evening.

Secondly, I want to thank Karen and thank Julianna for joining us.