Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sarah Palin - Just Part of the Family - Part 1

guest submission by palintoes

This is Part 1 of many to come.
I want to urge you, if you haven't already, please get out your cherished Family Photo Albums and start a section for Sarah Louise.

Most people (liberals) are blinded to who she really is.

She is our Neighbor, our Sister, our Mother, our Lover, our Fantasy, our Friend, our Wife, our Mistress, our Crush, our Cousin, our Second Cousin...everyone we come in contact with.

If you have room for all your other "so called family members" why haven't you room for Madame Governor?
Are you too good for her?
Do you not have room at the Inn?
Do you send her off to sleep in the cold manger?
Do you only want to take from her and not give back?

She is our Family.

I'm offering you my collection of photos so you can start your own album.
I would suggest placing it on your coffee table.
I would also suggest using the "starter" photos I have for each beautiful collection. This headlines when/where/who/why/how/because/over/under/through/invisible she is/was/can be at the time.

You MUST be informed!

The conversations it will spark!
"Who is this nice lady?"
"Why that is Sarah Louise, my sister".
"Oh, she looks very nice"
"Yes, she is my lover"
"And my second cousin"
"And my mailman"

Sarah Louise Heath Palin, Madame Governor President deserves to be treated like the family she is.
Please also consider adding her to your will.

Also, please use the comment section to add your very own cherished, and probably already framed, photos of OUR American relative.

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I gotta confess I have a guilty pleasure. I just really do love this photo of Ms. Sarah. I know she's Todd's wife and all. I'm not lusting or anything. I just think it looks very professional. I really think it was a professional photo shoot. Just a solid respectable photo.

That's not really her!!


Uh.. I'll be back in about 7 minutes.

Is that why the lefties call her a MILF?

I'm married so she's a MILFOIMD to me
(mother i'd like to "f" !!!!! only in my dreams)

I have a skirt like that.

Mary Beth Inda House
I think it's real.

Cougar Power! Hey, any single guys out here tonight?

A Mountain
Hey Sue.

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