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Video: Governor Palin Talks About Tonight’s GOP Debate “On the Record”

October 18 2011 - 11:34 PM | By: Racey Stacy

Debate #8
The Governor Speaks on FOX.
Full Transcript -

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Tonight, we have a blockbuster new show. The Republican candidates for president -- fighting all over themselves. Live from Las Vegas!.

First, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin joins us. Governor! Hello! Life must be nice now that every possible responsibility you could possibly have is lifted off your shoulders! My that kitchen sure looks cozy - and safe!

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER ALMOST RUNNER FOR PRESIDENT/FORMER VP CANDIDATE WHO LOST/FORMER PART TIME UNFINISHED TERM ALASKA GOVERNOR: Yes Greta. I have God to thank. You know people are still all hot and bothered at me. They need to take it out on GOD..and my kids. I'd like to see them take their anger and frustration and all those silly - You let us down! - thingies out on Trig. You know what really gets me, Greta..

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor! OK, we've just had -- debate number eight has just happened, so let me ask you a two-part question. What were you looking for as a voter? And what do you think most Americans were looking for?

PALIN: Well...Candidates need to tell us what their plan actually is! I mean, quit verbalizing all these plans.
Whatcha gonna do about the housing market and ferocious jobless numbers, huh?

Americans, though, eventually therefore to and fro, want that top candidate.
That top dog that will just open his mouth and growl in the face of Obama, the one term President.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I must confess I just love to see them fight! What's the American Adults' interest?

PALIN: They hate bickering. My very young children started walking through the door after school and they were bickering. Candidates bickering. My kids bickering. So silly seeing kids and adults bickering. I'm so beyond that, Greta. And do you know what OBAMA said? I'd like to have it out with him right this second...

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor! Homes are flooded, crisis everywhere. Where do they candidates stand on those issues?
PALIN: Didn't hear a peep. And I wanna know about deep issues like China and those sort of issues. Those international situations that I go and do. I was in Korea. It's Asian and I was there. Bristol, too!

What gets me with these candidates is all the "Stay tuned!" . How can a functioning, leader.. that's what they want to be Greta, you know .. how can they stand there and tell the American people to wait. I mean how rude to string people along.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do we still need debates, Governor?

PALIN: Yes, they are needed to vet these candidates. Get in there and find out what they are all about. You know Obama was never vetted. Sure he debated but still. You need debates to vet and get in there.
It does amaze me, also therefore, when candidates can skirt around questions.
You are asked a question, you answer it directly.
None of this pivoting and skirting around issues. There's no time for going off on your tangents or winking at the camera.
Here's what I asked you. Please answer it.
What's wrong with these people, Greta? I see it. The American People see it.
Enough already.


VAN SUSTEREN: Interesting points. If we had enough time we could review your VP debate with Biden. You could show these folks how to really debate with out all the skirting around.
Neither here nor there. So how do you zero in and get these answers?

PALIN: It's all the journalists' fault, Greta. All these degrees and fancy shows.
Look at Katie Couric. She thinks she's all that. There's an example for you, Greta. I have yet to see her ask all the When, Where, Why's, Hows, Because and Whatnots in one sentence.
You know I have a journalism degree, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Back to all this spinning and changing subjects we are seeing. Let's talk about people swatting at each other.

PALIN: Tiddlywinks!
You got it Greta. Romney and his immigration dealings is suspicious. They are all suspicious. Where is that top dog?

VAN SUSTEREN: Alright! thank you!

Palin: Yeah Sure.

Just a few more photos of our Queen as we just can't get enough.

Such a born leader. Rock On SARAH!!!



Special Note from Moderator
Please remember this is not a Pro-Bachmann or Pro-Perry or Pro-Romney or Pro-Newt or Pro-Ron Paul or Pro ANYBODY but Sarah Louise Heath Palin of the North Star site.
Feel free to discuss the debate.

After watching that interview I am even more convinced she has something up her sleeve. You all have noticed she's been wearing long sleeves lately? Little things. She's giving us signs. We MUST pay attention.

In every interview since Oct 5 Sarah has mentioned money. That must be the real reason she isn't running. She hasn't raised enough. She's "Not for Sale". But don't stop donating. If we send enough it may persuade her.

Oh Sarah, "you left us, just when we needed you most"

John Snortin'
You pathetic Troll.

The analogy about her Kids. She ain't gonna leave them for a bunch of asinine politicians and her cry baby supporters! She ain't!

John Snortin'
You pathetic Troll

So here's a scenerio. "Mirror, mirror on the wall....

Who's the fairest of them all?"
Sarah looks in the mirror and says
"Mirror, mirror on my wall.
Who's the only one who can stomp on Obama?"
She blinks her purdy little eyelashes
and says "By Golly! Me!"

I just thought of that. I know, silly. But I can just SO see her doing that!


John Snortin'
You pathetic Troll.


  1. WOT!! Woot!!

    @Korny8 - so tru cry babies in a godless river of crock tears. I mean EllaSmella just go away from here, and while your at it find the usual moran hole and dig it deeper, yule soon be eating at the libs table with no reservation!


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  3. The Palin speak is quite the skill. LOL The pictures are hilarious.

  4. Hilarious! Can't believe I only just found out about this! Time to go read through the archives.

    I sometimes try palin-speak, but you've got it down pat.