Friday, November 18, 2011

Open Thread Madame Governor President Speaks to Hannity Tonight!

guest submission by palintoes 11-17-11

As we wait for Earthquake 2012!! Queen Sarah speaks to the American People :

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: As the left-wing "Occupy Protestors" take the streets refusing to shut up today is what they call a mass "day of action".
Except for mass disorder, serious destruction and seriously wounding our hard working police officers, did these lunatics accomplish anything?

Governor Palin! Welcome! You sure look warm in that fuzzy red sweater, hair down, with a glowing fire behind you. Must be nice...

So your reaction to this left-wing lunacy, Governor?


HANNITY: What do you make of this, Governor and the Democratic support of this utter chaos and calamity?

PALIN: It's that President Obama, Sean, Biden and Pelosi, Sean and all those other Democrats out there who have actually embraced this extreme terrorist like violence..
They have patted these folks, Sean.
It's afro-tocious. Just disgusting.
You know, Sean, if they really wanted their voices heard they need to be focusing on crony baloney capitalism. It's just afro-tocios.

HANNITY: Well, I gotta tell you the President put his seal of approval on al of this. Pelosi even thanked God. Do you think Obama inspired these left wing protesting terrorists?

PALIN: Why yes he has. This is perhaps why Barack Obama in that office of Presidency speaking words with power and engaging this outta control "Occupy Wall Street" shenanigans, Sean.
This President of ours wont even stand up there on that platform and stop this.

Obama has personally decided to not stop this violence, Sean. We have a President that gets his jolly's by violence, Sean.

You see, Sean...

HANNITY: Well, Maxine Walters is not innocent either. She told the Peaceful Tea Party they could go straight to hell. Do you think this has become a campaign issue, Governor?

PALIN: Well, it could be because it's hypocritical and glaring hypocrisy and that class warfare Barack Obama is perpetuating and endorsing this violent behavior to our men and women in uniform.
It's crony capitalism, Sean and Government waste.

HANNITY: Where is the anger against those people wasting billions of millions of our hard earned tax money?

PALIN: Yes, for shame they aren't angry with the cronies, Barack Obama and his cronies. If you want to thank God, I thank God for Peter Schweizer, whom I personally work with and he works with my PAC all that money flowing into my PAC. but we can no longer afford this unethical, afro-tocious activity in Congress there that we see.

HANNITY: Unbelievable..

PALIN: And, Sean, the leader of this pack of violence is Barack Obama. Election 2012 is so important. He must go.

HANNITY: Yes. Absolutely right. We may not even survive. Thank you Governor! Can I join you by that fire? Ha Ha you look lovely tonight.. I mean you look like you are doing well .. and looking real good.. so.. How's Todd?

PALIN: Ha ha ha, Sean. Todd is good, good. Ha ha...Thank you, Sean.