Saturday, March 10, 2012

Barack "the Insane" Obama refuses to defend our Queen's Honor! It's all about the "O"! Outrage!

What's going on?

So, as you will hear, as we all know Barack Obama is not a man of valor.
He is unwilling to come to the Governor's defend her honor.. to heed her need!

HANNITY: Former Vice Presidential Nominee ...YES! Nominee she was voted in. But anyway the Former Governor from the most northern state Sarah Palin, the most crucified of all who have walked this earth in the past 1000 years joins us tonight.
Despite the relentless barrage of personal attacks, including little Trig in his new glasses, she remains the most outspoken conservative woman who Barack Hussein Obama is unwilling to defend.
He refuses to defend her honor.
He has the gall to say he called Ms. Floozy ..err Fluke because

"I thought about Malia and Sasha and one of the things I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about. And I wanted Sandra to know that I thought her parents should be proud of her"

What is that all about? Mind Boggling. Our President recently accepted money from the "C" word using Bill Mahr. The Hypocrisy!

Good evening Good Governor. So excellent to see you tonight.

PALIN: thank you Sean, thank you so much

HANNITY: And what is your reaction, Governor Sarah Palin?

PALIN: Well, you know how people can sit in the audience of someone ... someone hateful and smearing like Bill Mahr and chuckle and laugh and have a rip roarin' good time, Sean.

It is disgusting and all that dirty money he has now provided to Barack's campaign is just disgusting.

How our President can sleep at night and Sasha and Malia taking that dirty money and he allowing that because, you know, Sean, it all trickles down.

Obama taking money is a direct doling of those funds but Barack has never been a man of valor. Damsel's in distress aren't his concern.

You are right he is unwilling to defend MY honor, Sean. He's dirty and that is why he can.. you know close his eyes and sleep at night and take that dirty money.

HANNITY: Rush recently was forced to apologize. Have you ever gotten an apology from Bill Mahr? Though I think it was the people rising up in defense of Sandra Fluke which got her that apology. No one seemed to do that for you Governor.

PALIN: No, no I would not demean myself or other women by even talking to the likes of Bill Mahr.

But Sean, about my not receiving a call from the office of Presidency regarding an apology, defending my honor and all that is true, Sean, my record and my kids.

Yes, I have been and continue to be so going forth crucified but no that phone call that I never got and don't hold a grudge against should go towards those Gold Star moms.

Not me just a combat Troop mom who's only son.. whose only son except Trig, of course was sent off to battle on the anniversary of 9-11.

But it's those Gold Star moms most deserving of that phone call though the office of Presidency could make more than one call but No I don't hold a grudge.

HANNITY: That is so gracious of you Governor. Humble and turning the cheek as you always do.

So our President lectures on one hand and then attacks with the other. What do you make of this, Governor?

PALIN: It is our President that is trying to divide our country. How dare he defend the honor of one of our own young women out there in some elite school.. what is it? law degree?

Big Whoop! I say, Sean and all that mumbo jumbo crap about standing up for his daughters. Well, I have daughters, too, Sean three and Obama only has two. Where is my honor?

Taking that dirty money was nothing but a slap in MY face, Sean.

He's not just dividing the gender line but even the line of race, Sean. He embraced a racist. Anyone who goes out there and believes blacks and minorities are suppressed by White people .racist people like that and you have Obama all over him.

But what about MY honor Sean? I didn't get a phone call. I mean those Gold Star moms have a right to and another thing, Sean,....

HANNITY: Well, we have to move on. What is your take on the results of Super Tuesday? Do you think Mitt Romney is inevitable?

PALIN: No, Sean. I don't think anything is inevitable. The numbers are what they are though just numbers. We have to look at the tragedy that is happening to America right now.

We are being shackled by all those foreigners to those foreign countries. Less secure and independent because Obama was not vetted.

I was vetted, Sean. I thank those GOP men out there allowing themselves to be vetted by the lame stream media because I was vetted and crucified. You know Obama was not vetted, Sean.

HANNITY: Thank you so much Governor Palin. I hope you and your family have a good night and are safe. We are praying for you.

PALIN:: mmhmm.. but he wasn't vetted, Sean. And my phone sure isn't ringing...

**Bonus Footage**



**Comments disabled due to the unrelenting emphasis on Sarah's enhanced lips and references to continuous blow up sex doll expressions.

Our Queen Sarah cannot help she was blessed with exaggerated female organs.

Don't forget Todd calls her "Juicy".

It is all about the "O" ---"O"bama! Don't forget that!!

These type mentions will NOT be tolerated.


  1. Bwuahahahhahahhaha! Love your screencaps!

  2. #/$+^%!!?*#@! (sounds offstage as every mirror in sight cracks into a thousand pieces)

  3. That was awesome! Those photos are priceless.

  4. Once you go botox & all that other work on lips eyes etc., it's all you do. She looks like Joan Rivers for crying out loud!!!

  5. Pathetic Sarah is turning into the ugliness that is manifestly within herself. She has no internal barometer to THINK before she spouts her garbage. She is simply filled with HATE in her pathetic ramblings. Palin certainly does not appear to be someone who rilly did attend and graduate from a university. Stupidity, jealousy, and ignorance fester and grow. It is not a pretty sight or pleasing attitude at all.

    She does not see or hear herself as anything but sexy, savvy, and smart. She needs help! A nice long stay as an in-patient in a sanitarium is overdue.

    **Love the array of photos of her though!

  6. If she didn't drag 'Jesus' into things I'd leave her alone.
    She'd be just another blow hard like her buddy Rush.
    But she hasn't - therefore - I will continue to show her true innards via screen grabs. They do not lie! :D

    (I purposely do not touch these photos up one bit.. so is no question that these are all her snaky self. Please feel free to take any you want and spread far and wide!)