Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madame POTUS Revenge Against KATIE!!

What's going on today?

President Madame POTUS Palin strategically fights America's War.

She fights for the old Granny's in rocking chairs.
She fights for the Children!  For Women!  For the TROOPS!

While the rest of the nation is busy worrying about the silly upcoming election,
it's GAME ON against Katie Couric!  

Financial woes, Wars, Health Care crisis, evil Kenyan Dictator in the White House... nonsense!

The real downfall of America is the Lame Stream Media!!
All those Journalists who made fun of our Queen POTUS Madame.
How Dare?!?
Four Years Later Our Reigning Queen seeks REVENGE!

The stage:  A Morning Talk Show.
The Battle:  Who can get more viewers
-the Barracuda of Dead Fish in Lipstick
or Ole' "Gotcha" Katie?

Our nation is at stake but our good Guv did not dissapoint.
Please take a moment to watch the POTUS Madame President Governor of the Icy Northern Stars and Moons FIGHT for our Country
..... while the rest of the GOP CLOWNS are too busy "campaignin''.

She takes a breather and visits our pal Hannity to discuss the importance of being a "Talk Show Host" - gotta get that KATIE!

"There I am, Sean!" 

The Competition. 
Katie is Pure Evil!

Those Legs CANNOT be real!
More Tricks!

She may act all oblivious but she's shaking in her boots!

The Other Hosts LOVED her!

Can't you feel the connection? 
Madame POTUS Connects to the People!
She's a natural with people!


There you have it, Folks!
Our Next President! 
Take that you Obama Thug LIBRALLS!


  1. OMG! Seriously? She wore the gaudy, fugly rhinestone belt with the big cross on the buckle?

    Keep it classy, you WasillaBilly.

  2. Great captures of the ugly of Palin!

  3. OMG! That scrawny, goose-fleshed neck of hers is disgusting, not to mention her nasty, hateful looks that she uses when speaking about things or people she disapproves of. All that inner hatred is so visible on her face. She's aged at least ten years or more in the last few years. It couldn't happen to a more deserving bitch.

  4. I am SO glad I don't watch anything Palin! The pictures were great though. She's definitely good for (horrified) laughs if you don't have to listen to her.