Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Governor Speaks! Faith, Freedom and Facts

guest post by IamLazee
What's going on?

 I was going to post a special tribute to Father's Day but there are more important things going on.
The Governor had the world shaking in their boots last night at the Freedom and Faith Coalition.
I just want to first point out the name of the event should raise an eyebrow.
"Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag and Freedom and God" by Sarah Palin.
They stole the title of her book!!!
For those who missed this earth shattering event, our very own Shemily Waxter was there!!
from Shemily:
HI YA'LL!!!  Yes it's ME!  And guess where I am?  Just inches away from THE GOVERNOR PALIN!
I shimmy in my shorts!  She was hot and on fire and everyone just loved her and me, too!!
I sent a write up of her speech to Iam.  Enjoy!!  AHH I still can't sleep!  My dreams have come true!
There is no transcript yet available so I've provided the full video footage with Shemily's notes and don't forget to thank Shemily.  We are very proud.
**look for special treat at the end!
And now we welcome The Governor Sarah Palin.....

So, so good to be here!  Yes, so, so good.  Lots going on in Washington these days.  So much.  Todd and I are just under the moon.  Things are getting bad folks.  So, so bad.  Yep.. yep.

You know what bugs me?  When the good American people - the true Patriots - you know are out there fighting for our country overseas or right in our own backyards for that Freedom that we know and love and you got the same ole same ole protestors out there backing up this incompetent in office right now sitting there at the Oval Desk drumming up orders that are destroying America!

I was out just the other day.  I kind of throw on whatever is lying around not getting all fussy and had Trig with me.  We were just leaving Walmart for diapers and formula and you know a mother's work is never done but so I see one of those itty-bitty-titty purple Volts with one of those bumper stickers you see everywhere these days "Re-Elect President Barack Obama for Office Indefinitely"
I'm like "Really??  Aww, come on!"

You know I'm not a Racist.  Not a knucklehead.  So I'm like "Aww Come on!  Really?"

So do you Loooove Your Freedom America??

Whoopsy-Daisy those NSA spying machines missed the Ft. Hood mass murder of our Troops. 
Yeah, yep.  The Government Lied and Spied and we all Died.  yep.. yep

(Special Note From Shemily - the Crowd Was HUGE!!)


You know the IRS harassing those Tea Party America groups.. move along little people, nothing to see.
No one is even leading the investigation but they know plenty well where their dollars are going.  Straight into Obama's slush fundings says the Pepperdine Law School Study.

We can not trust The Other Side.  It's dangerous to touch on those fertility rates.  So I got the Rack.  But I'm a bit on the fertile side myself.  There is no debate for Jeb Bush's latest statement and never to rebuild by silently acquiescing to Totalitarian Surveillance State!

(Note From Shemily - THAT'S ME!! BAM LIKE A BOSSY!)

From Watumka to Wasilla up there on that rock upon which we stand and that voice to reach millions of other Patriots of all creed to the dignity and freedom of this opportunity.

Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Well, hell!  Just let Allah sort it all out!

And Keep on standing drinking those big gulps... no cookies for the kids??  EAT DESSERT FIRST!
This is America!! We are healthy!

And I deal with my critics well.  Tina Fey and those folks over there at SNL.
I told Katie I read all of 'em but making money off and do you know that way of discussing the issue of immigration reform is "dangerous territory".  What do they know about fertility?  I've got FIVE kids!
I got the rack and I just gave birth to my special needs baby.

But the problem is, folks, our government has grown so big that it intrudes every aspect of our lives.
Arrogant wanting to party like it's 1984. 
The problem is these elitists disdain for the rights of the good, hard working American people.
Rattled with scandals and disease.

Spying on each and every one of our phone calls and those twitters we tweet each and every one of 'em.

We need to stand up America and fight this as I and Todd have dedicated to with our PAC.


Only through hard work and getting up each morning saying I will not sit down and shut it.

America are you with me?

Under every one of your seats is a dollar taped to my SarahPAC video they so generously played earlier.
You all have a VIP pass to the SarahPAC website so together we can stop the obtuse atrocities that have taken hold shackling the unshackled. 
May God be With You All.  God Bless... kiss kiss... right back at ya!

*special treat
The Governor was hunted down by CNN for an interview.
Being gracious she gave them a moment of her time.

"Governor Palin!  Governor Palin!  Are you running for President in 2016 or 2020 or 2024 or 2028?  or ever?"

"Ha ha ha .Oh so good to see you.  Thank you, thank you.  Oh good so well I dunno, you know, Todd and I have our family right up there first and God opens and closes those doors.  Ha ha ha."

Please everybody send a donation to SarahPAC.
We here at Sea4Pee have pledged to donate every day as our way of telling The Governor we got her back like she's got ours. 
Please join us in the cause.

VA Gentleman
Woah there Shemily!  Gramps here.  Proud of you milady!
Just sitting here on my orchard breathing in the sunshine and breezy breeze our good Lord provided on such sunny peaceful Sunday morn.
Pete's Itchythang
Extra itchy after that!
Thank you Iam, Shemily, et. al for bringing us the forthright, Gov. Palin humble, grateful inspiring to and from the people.  She's too humble to realize how she has truly inspired us.
And her teeth sure look extra white!
speech itself, BRILLIANT just BRILLIANT
Don't forget to tune in to fox and friends for the Guv's TV return!
Her teeth are extra white because she takes care of herself.  She runs remember?  That whitens the teeth.
She is just so genuine.  No DIVA there!  Just a good genuine woman.
And quite on the hot side if I might add. 
I just want to run my fingers through those long God given wavy locks of hers.
God has blessed her body with perfection and that hair!
Wasn't it only just past her ears when she spoke out for our Vets a couple weeks ago?
It kills me to watch this.
Nobody has her talent.  No EFFIN' BODY.
And her body IS FERTILE.  I think she's still breast feeding.
Shemily Waxter
And I'm so glad she didn't come to speak at my college.  That was my will not God's.
But Sarah's will prevails.  BAM!

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