Thursday, September 22, 2011

Governor Palin Tells Sean Hannity That People are Going to be Blown Away by the Extent of Obama’s Crony Capitalism by Iam Lazee

Amidst scandalous allegations from a pedophilic peeping tom, Oh Sarah returns from seclusion to set the record straight.
Have no fear my friends, she will be our next President.
"Mark My Words!"

HANNITY: It's the Governor! Welcome Back! How the Hell are you?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Hi there, Sean. Doing great, Sean. Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: This President wants a trillion and a half. He's wrong. He lies. Tell us how we should characterize this man?

PALIN: Well, Sean. Our economy is doomed. I told ya that from the get go. We can't let him get away with this.

HANNITY: All right. Let me throw some tax numbers at you, Governor. That Warren Buffet has a secretary that is paying more than he is. So how do we interpret this President's comments?

PALIN: This President can't count. If you want the real figures just read AP. All I can tell you is he lies and can't count. He is too smart but truly people's tax rates and proposal results in the new tax rate has been. And also, too, Sean. Warren Buffet is a billionaire and lied about his Secretary. Lied, Sean. He tries to confuse people. Just read AP if you want to know anything about this.

HANNITY: Yes, well I was asking you about this but I can check AP. And by the way Governor, I have a message for Buffet. Put up or Shut it. Stop lecturing. Can't stand people that lecture, on and on without actually doing anything.

PALIN: Exactly, Sean. We can't allow him to just sit back. He throws stones from afar. He is disputing this and that. Put up or Shut it. Stop lecturing. You got it, Sean.

HANNITY: Yes, interesting, ain't it? So I was thinking about the Big GOP debate coming up. If you were actually in it, I mean, not just pulling a Buffet and lecturing throwing stones from afar. I mean, you could make a big announcement right here, right now, on my show! But if you were in the debate, rather than a kitchen in Wasilla, what would your message be? Please share.

PALIN: My message? Well I can tell you what the message of those candidates should be. They need to get out there and give their governing philosophy. I want to know their records, Sean. I left my post in Alaska in order to dig in there and get to the bottom of this political system. I've done nothing but study these folks. I even endorsed most of these people. Supported them 100%. But hello? What is their record? What the heck have they done? What do they stand for? What did they do? Who are they? Do we even know their full names? I certainly hope they clarify all of this. We are so in the dark about these mysterious gang of "candidates" . Who are they paling around with? That's what I want to know.

HANNITY: All right. All right. How do they deal with the left lurches the Democrats? Do you think the Tea Party attacks will work?

PALIN: Well, let him go back to being incredibly unpopular. You know I was at the top of a poll! So let him go there. Go back to his base. This President is nonsensical. Let's talk about sense. Drill here. Drill now. Don't ask questions just Drill. That is how you fight crony capitalism. Let's discuss those things.

HANNITY: What do you think of Solyndra? Your thoughts?

PALIN: You know, Sean, this is the stuff I live for. Deep dark secrets being contrived. You know I supported Trump. He wasn't afraid to go there. I just love this stuff. You are going to be blown away, Sean. Blown away. Blatant examples. Blown, Sean. Blown by all this crony baloney capitalistic contriving.

SarahPAC !!
The Queen's destination is in YOUR hands.
Whether she announces are not depends on YOU and how much money is sent.
Only YOU can send her to the White House.



Sarah knows something.


If Sarah runs, I will replace Michele Bachmann. I'll just move her to the side. Scoot her over. Sarah is the lovely, talented, righteous balance.

My ode:

Why do they hate you so?
Threatening McCain.
Liberal unrest.
Panic attacks.
They fear lil' ole' Sarah.
Stand behind Sarah.
The view is great (literally).
Libs mock.
Don't allow.
Tina Fey will say I wish I were Sarah.
Mama Grizzly is gone.
Don't mess with Sarah.
She shoots straight.
Why do they hate you so?
Because they detest themselves.

Thank GOD those mighty conservative warriors arose from the Tea Party. Thank GOD unjustified emotion response with the future be damned!

a virgin gentleman


Been Hootin'

Woah! Great pics of the Guv on youtube. Digging the soundtrack! Red High Heels indeed!
YOW! Awooooh to the moon!


Can she get away with filing without announcing? I mean she can break the rules and not get caught, right?Can she?

Scrawny Cat

Sarah is the Babe! "I'm out to beat everyone in sight, I beat, that's what I do"

Agent Shoe

Go vote people! You know what to do! Rig this poll! Do it for Sarah! Do it for God!


God has blessed us in our time of need - with Sarah Palin!!!
For this we are eternally grateful to the Lord!!!
She will beat Ozero in a LANDSLIDE! I know! I prayed!


Madame Governor was cool and collected.
The enemies are trying to pierce God's armor but she won't let 'em. Ephesians 6:13, NLT

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