Thursday, September 15, 2011

Todd Palin: “Even The New York Times” Said “[McGinniss' Book] Chases Caustic, Unsubstantiated Gossip” by Iam Lazee

Another scathing, crucifying, vicious, lying attack aimed at The Governor, Madame President.

Todd has spoken:

"This night stalker moved inches away from our home hell bent on spying.
He had the gall to move in on our close friends. They told me he was nothing but an indiscrete integrationist ingenious intellectual. Just a big creep with creepy obsessions grinding axes.
I plead to the public to consider these discombobulated disembodied discourager gnat of a man when you buy his book. Our buddy Joe Wilson said it best. "You LIE!" "

Rugged Iron Dogged Todd Palin could not let up.
With the weight of flying fire darts shooting for our Queen's servant heart, he stands tall.

Todd speaks again:
"People. All People Great and Small.
I ask you to consider our privacy. Enter our private, personal world with me for a moment.
Pretend you are there.
It's a hot, sultry summer day. "Juicy" Sarah is in nothing but her shorts mowing the lawn.
Our teenage daughters, the ones everyone wants to gang rape, are also outdoors.
Don't forget, it is very hot. You know how young girls dress when it's hot. They are hot.
The night stalker was a mere 18 Feet away! We could feel his pupils burning holes in Juicy's shorts!
His very own son said Joe wished I were out of the picture.
This intruder wanted to intrude and take my women for his own sick deeds.
He even tried to talk me into leaving before our Combat Troop cut the conversation short.
I'm not insinuating martial law.
Just think how you would feel if a man moved in next door plotting your dismissal so he could take your wife and teenage daughters as they frolic scantily clad on a hot, sultry summer day.

"Have you seen Todd?!?"


Aj itated

Todd! 1st Gentleman of 2012! Yow!


Hannity discussing this McGinnis fellow. Have a listen.


Did Sarah deny this affair?
But she was single right?
I refuse to read the article but I just gotta know! What's the scoop people?
Was she single? Did she have an affair? Deny it? WHAT HAPPENED!
'cause I REFUSE to read the article!

Sectioned off

Yo Panting. Everyone denied it.
This was all cooked up by Lyda's green people.
Lefties did it. Glen Rice even said he and the Queen got to know each other *really* well.


Who the hell cares who she slept with when she was single and 22 or 24 or 22 and 1/2 or 54 years old.
No one would care if he were WHITE! Racists MSM and Mr. McCreepo.
I mean Brad Hanson was WHITE and no one cared. It was only a huge rumor and everyone talked about it.
Black America should be pissed.
Who cares who she slept with, right?


Slander. The milk of the mother's swollen breasts.

barracudas fever

Hey Kimmy Troll doll. I'd like to show you how a Texas boot toe feels across the neck!
Cuda 2012!


Todd needs to break Joe's nose. Break it!

Stoned Jack

Yeah. There where there are no witnesses. He should of done it back then. Pow! Make it bleed!




Every woman in America wants Todd. I know I do, deeply.

Liberal Lovers

Yes! Stacy McCain has a GREAT write up about Todd kickin' some ass! Hell Yeah!


  1. OMG, "conservativeinmomjeans" !!!!! I cannot stop laughing. You are a comic genius = )