Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Old Goose is Cooked! - more sightings from Camp Wasilla

What's going on?

Please enjoy more sightings from Camp Wasilla.
Any doubt she doesn't have her ammo cocked and ready?
Didn't think so!

Earthquake 2012!!  is just around the corner.
Hold true, Folks!

Aim that target and wait for your marching orders!  It's a comin'!

Our omnipotent Queen of the rugged terrain graced those traitors at FOX with a few charity interviews this past week.  They play her like a fool!
She's campaigning to rip the helm from Barack's hands on FOX's dime!
They are being tricked!
Who's the fool now?



Here's something to scare those lib'brawls!   Does Obama's hair grow 3 inches in 3 days?
There's SOMETHING in that Alaskan water!
God is all over this woman! 
(please click to enlarge)

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We finally have Peter's Itching Peter under control. 
Please keep comments to Palin praising goodness only or you shall be removed.

    I stand with Palin!

    Why is she in Las Vegas??

    That's Wasilla!  What would she be doing in some dirty big city? 
    Only fresh Alaskan air for those nostrils!  Can I get an amen?

    It is Wasilla.  Madame Governor grew that town. She is economically savy.
    I'm on pg 32, line 5, word 16.  Stay tuned for the next installment of Going Rogue.. letter by

   Where'd her eyebrows go?

va gentleman (single)
   Willow probably plucked them studying her beauty school and all.

    I'm so glad we are free to lust after her now.
    Boys will be boys!  and I'm a big BAD boy!  haw!  snort!
    I'm heading to Wasilla to help Bristol find her dog.

    I stand with Sarah!

    Can you say anything else, Jean?
    Just a word to my fellow barbarians, if you haven't been here as long as I have you are not
    a TRUE Palin fan!

    I stand with Palin.

John ate Frank
   US to blame for inadequate international response on Syria, says former Israeli ambassador
   ‘Russia.  Sarah!  We need you! Just a stone's throw away!  I bet she's lookin' at him now!

pat a natasha
   the san fransico tea party breaks out to greet the dufus when he arrives for a fund raising
   campaign.    She still has eyebrows PEOPLE!

famous wolfman
   Those lips!  They could suck the seeds outta my watermelon!

69 survivor
    Ditto wolf!  And I don't think she spits 'em!


  1. as it happens, i've read enough of the original to recognize the parody. well done. and your selection of screen shots is incomparable.

  2. The expressions on the faces of the Faux News hosts are priceless!

    Cavuto: "In the name of all that is holy, how did I get stuck interviewing this retard? I didn't sign up for this!"

    Stossel: "OH DEAR GOD... PLEASE, KILL ME NOW..."