Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 Days Until Indianola/Open Thread by Iam Lazee

SeisSiete67 sent us a link to the Newspaper Headlines of Aug 30, 2008!
Our Queen reigned then, our Queen reigns now.
The plan:
Xerox these Newspaper covers and sneak into neighbors mailboxes, doorsteps, beside the coffee pot at work, just spread them far and wide!
It will snap minds back to when we first laid eyes on Queen Sarah.
All memories of the past 3 years will be blacked out. We can start fresh!
Get crackin'!

On another note, Des Moines Register lists 8 Reasons our Queen from God should run!
Now, Obama Thugs are Everywhere! so scroll down only SIX clicks!
Only SIX!!!
Don't allow your eyes to view the 8 Reasons she shouldn't run. Liberal Brainwashing!

What else is going on this morning?
You know, only positive Sarah promoting goodness - ONLY!



I know we hate petite hollywood starlets but I spent the last 6 hours of my life reviewing Hollywood Actresses and comparing them to MY Queen (hail thee Sarah).
I will post soon!


Marxist Media and FEMA control and the evil Maobama!

Brian's Barbaric Anus

Here Ye! Fellow plain faced peasant pitchfork yielding mob members of the past and present. Long live the Sarah!
As you all know, I have spent the past 3 years pouring through the pages of Going Rogue.
Word by Word. Letter by Letter.
As promised, I bring you my next installment.
We have finally reached Page 2, Sentence 8, Words 3-5 "egg sky arced"

..Oh where do I begin!

military horsefeathers

Excuse me! You did not end your comment with In Sarah's Name, Amen - TROLL!!!

jessie crack corn

Sarah rocks my socks!!

John the Trick

I have elaborated on and on about how our Queen Sarah eviscerates Bachmann, Romney, and Perry!
Eviscerates, I tell ya!
I don't care if she endorsed Bachman.. OR Perry.. OR all those others.
I just DON'T care!
So they are plotting a comeback but Sarah will POUNCE like the feral cat she is.
POUNCE like a wild, hungry, in heat cat!

Yes Pounce! And eviscerate!

CagedIn Lady

Let's think about Dick Morris & Karl Rove wearing adult diapers!
Soiled ones! Yes!

Peter's PeterItches

Right on, Caged Lady! Sarah is the ultimate Adult Diaper Soiler!

Oh! And take my word to the market! Hillary Clinton will endorse our girl Sarah!
Mark, Market, Sell my word! You will see!


More Poll News since you are only to trust my Poll interpretations.
Obama's numbers rise.

FL's Pub

My brain just popped!

D & John like 69

Don't worry, Obummer will poo and the numbers will drop again.

S4Pee Pee Fan

Hey Ya'll! I'm keeping my eye on that Breigbardt sneak!


  1. Oops! Where is the MightyRAM aka HeadKeyboardWhacker?

    What would a sea4peepee be without it's head urinal?

    LOL- Love your new spoof blog Anne

  2. Love the spoof Anne! You don't have to change much, like when Tina Fey does Quitter.

  3. Is this really C4P? It looks pretty close to me. lOL Love your blog!