Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Governor Palin Will Deliver the Keynote Address in Indianola, Iowa as Scheduled; Updated: by IAM LAZEE

Alright Folks. Calm down!

Calm way down. Git down boy! Shoo!

Remember, as devout followers of our Queen, there will be constant drama, uncertainty, uneven footing, grasping for explanation, ..well ..just utter chaos! We will never be able to relax - ever!

Why? Because Sarah is good and evil always attacks that which is good!
Would you rather she turn evil so life is just a big ole stick of fried butter?
Hell No! - as Piper would say
Let Piper lead you. Can I hear a big Hell No?

Look. Mega StapledTongue hasn't uttered a whisper nor has Ram-the-Manly leaked.

Do ye of little faith forget?

EVERYBODY on this planet except the immediate Palin family and her TWO spokespeople are Lying Troll Dolls!

It's time to remove the wedgies, regain your composure and breathe as if you were taking in the cool, crisp, clean Alaskan air that likely passed through our Queen's nostrils.

Keep the donations flowing hourly and daydream about the excitement to beheld at our Iowa meet up. It WILL be life changing. It WILL be the answer to all the emptiness in your lives. Sarah WILL be there. Donate and daydream. Keep the Faith!

I'll see YOU! in Iowa!

(If there are any problems with the donate button, please report immediately!!)


Toad deserves our praises people! First Feller of the U.S. of A!


WSJ NewsCorp they attack!!


Palin Power! Our Queen is an Awesome Queen she Reigns from heaven above


One could easily speculate, since Sarah has devoted her political career for the Tea Party, she obviously trusts Ken Crow.
Ooops. I meant to say Ken Crow hates duh Guv and loves Perry so is sabotaging our girl.


I'm so punch drunk on Sarah vino I can't think straight.
Tell me again is Sweet Sarah attending our Sea4Peeing meet up??
I thought so but then forgot and now I have no clue!


Damn piece of trash write up by the TP (toilet paper!!) of A. Queen Sarah better test everything on stage.
You just know they will have it rigged! Some sneak is gonna unbend all her bendy straws!
They are evil like that.


I hear, see, think, blink nothing unless it comes straight from the Palin tongue.


OK I've been checkin' in ..keepin' an eye on you all.
If you post CRAP look in the mirror and RECITE it out loud.
Watch how your lips move, your tongue flaps, your nostrils flair!
Do you look like you'd impress a blind date? If so, post away!

P.S. See you all on Saturday! I'm SOO excited I Peed my pants!! Whoops!


So this show named 5 said Palin pulled out because of Compulsive Obsessive Disorder
(COD = witchy woman). They got no quotes. They lie their pants off.
It was just plain UN-Palin.
Thank GOD I have you guys.
I LOVE you guys! (I'm not drunk)

Cruel Dev

Who gives a flying bats butt if COD was heavily endorsed by Queen Sarah.
I hate her.

Jasmines -real name I'm single - Clark

I don't blame Christine. I blame that sly Tea Party
(who Sarah praises on a daily, minutely basis).
So they invited her and then uninvited her and then invited her back, and then they uninvited her.
Who cares if she accepted a second time. It is still not her fault!


We are not stupid.

I Reckon'

Rove has a big fat mouth that wont shut.

Yankin' 4 Palin

bad incompetent or bad competent
figure it out!

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  1. Wow! Wow!Do they know how stoopid they look & sound? Well they will b/c I tweeted to them :)

  2. I know Palin is the greatest thing since fried moose balls. I have been drinking for 5 days but praise Palin. I know she is the only one who can cure this world of everything. I won't need those lil blue pills when that hot granny gets into the White house. All bow to Palin the greatest thing since I dated my first cousin. LOL Can I now join the pee pond?