Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some of You Tea Party Folk Think Rick Perry’s the Answer? by Mark A Amerikkkan

Look! If you hang with the Tea Folks or ain't from Texas you've been tricked by the Slick Rick!

Caution! Alert! Just because he straps cattle he's no friend to anyone. He was a DemoFATCAT.

He was on a show. According to global reflexes he is no conservative.

He's slick! He's Rick! He's a hustler ...and nothing but a hound dog and no friend of ours!


Palin 2012 will rock at the GOP rock concert! Get ready to Cock it, Rock it and Drool!

Quang DoLittle

Here's a pretty picture of pretty Rick. Acorn Obama Criminal Organization Pretty Rick!

Yankin' for Palin

Don't forget our spiffy gal Sarah was in AZ when that "get them illegals!" Bill was signed - not slick Rick!

TD Willy

I love me some Sarah! That I do! She could be Lincoln and Reagan's Love Child but...

You neglect to say why Sarah the Great campaigned so high profile for the Perry if he's so flawed?

Sheet onHeadAnchor

Palin HAD to campaign for Perry. That's all you need to know..Geesh! Get a life!

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  1. This place is hilarious. I keep thinking somehow I clicked on C4P.