Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 The Year of the Cuda (jan-mar)

The Year of THE PitBull Cuda, THE Madame Lipsticked Dead Fish, THE Juicy Grisly Christian Holy Mother Savior of the Free World

Happy New Years Everybody!
Let us ring in the New Year, not with family and friends, but alone here on Sea4Pee with the only people you can really trust recollecting the super Barracuda during 2011!

Keep these Chants a comin'!
They will convince the left of the power of the Northern Star!
Super Cuda!
Rock on 2012...
EarthQuake Madness!
Game ON!
Long Live the Reconsider Reconsidering Movement!
Our Sarah, is an awesome GOD she reigns from Wasilla by the Lake, with power, truth and rage our Sarah is an awesome GOD. Amen in Sarah's name!
(hum this one in the grocery store, at work, while ordering fries, before shaking hands with anyone, period.....)

January -
America's True Victim
The media attacks Our Queen ..and probably Trig, too!
The REAL victim in the little "shooting" incident was the BRUTAL ATTACK on Sarah Palin and her kids!
Did Madam President sit down and shut it?
She did not!
The Good Guv made a homemade video blasting it on YouTube exposing the vile hatred of the Left.

February -
The Lipsticked Fish Answers Her OWN Questions!
Long Island Association Q&A
Legs, Leather, Bosom, Camera, Action!

March -
Sarah Over Seas and exposes more Vile Attacks!
Who says she hasn't traveled to other foreign dangerous lands with dangerous foreigners?
She sits down with her best pal Greta to discuss how powerful she is!
Of course, the conversation turns to how vile the Lefties are attacking and hating women.
Double Standards, Viciously attacked!
The Juicy Cuda hits it outta the park...

It still boggles my brain how the evil Left cannot love this lady. She oooozes sweet, nurturing, Christian love from every pore!

OK! Only 3 days left to shake up Iowa and bring the Northern Shining Light
to the ballot! Send every penny please!  If you cared about America, return all your Christmas gifts and send the proceeds to her PAC.  NOW!

Sarah WILL announce her reconsideration to reconsider considering to reconsider tonight on Eric Bolling's show. 

I bet Sarah spent the holidays packing her bags. Plenty of bottles for Trig and flashcards for Piper. I bet she even packed homemade cookies for the road. Just a couple more days and this Pioneer family is off to save America!  I'm going to start referring to her as "The Juicy Cuda".  I love it!

Oh God I can't wait until tonight! She's gonna announce people!  I didn't see a Happy New Year's wish on Facebook.  Was dissapointed but then I remembered she does have a lot of packing to do.  No time for stuff like that.  Barbarians for the Barbaric!  Hoo-RAH!  I'm IN this battle for LIFE!

What if Sarah doesn't say anything about all our hard work on Bolling's show? What if she doesn't mention even running. What if she talks about not needing a title? What will I do? How will I survive? Sarah please!  Isn't anyone else worried? 

Shut Up, Troll!
She is, she was, and she WILL!

I have the faith of a mustard seed.  I named it and claimed it! 

I can't wait to see the Left bow at her feet. I bet Willow has the toe nail polish ready! What color do you think she will use? I bet she paints American Flags on the Cuda's toes! Oh the Left will hate that!

I bet Bristol got her a Starbucks gift card for Christmas. Ha! She needs all the skinny lattes to get her through the days to ahead! Ha! You know she would never spend money on those herself.


  1. Thanks for reviving the leopard print platform sandals. I had almost forgotten about them, and they are such a classy classic, they deserved to be revisited.