Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Campaign Speech: Interview with Judge Jeanine

Good evening folks! What's going on?

So it has been alluded to by our very own that Miss Sarah is actually already running for POTUS!
That's right!
She's already in the game!
Her campaign is in full force using FOX News as the forum to get her message out there!
How slick is that? Getting PAID to run for POTUS!

Now this is just a suggestion and not confirmed by RAM, SarahPAC, TeamSarah, any of those sort voices of our Queen but just remember Chuck Heath Jr. reads this blog and has NOT denied this.

With that, please enjoy a "Campaign Speech"

Our Queen Sarah Heath Palin on Judge Jeanine

The Judge:
Joining me now is Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
Welcome Governor!

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Thank you Judge

The Judge:
Now Governor, you have yet to endorse a specific candidate. Did watching this forum cause you to make a decision?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Now look here Judge, I'm going to continue to vet and bet and watch these type forums and intense debating and getting down to their real record, Judge, not just spouting talking points being the microcosm of the American People here up in Alaska ..but no.. no not yet
I want to help that cause not hurt that cause and my name attached to causes and persons and situations like there you see vetting and betting attaches controversy so no, Judge, not yet.
I'm going to help that next President get elected by not endorsing or I will hurt that cause.

The Judge:
So, Governor, you will not be endorsing anyone?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Oh I'm going to vet and bet with the rest of Americans tuning into these debates because that's what we need to do, Judge, to tune into these debates and watch and pay attention. We need to do that to see and vet and know their record and get in there.

The Judge:
Did anyone surprise you or peak your interest, at all?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Well you know I do know Newt there got booed because he was bringing up Job Creation! I mean booed, Judge. Which is just a shame because you know we can't be taking a page out of Obama's playbook and not bring up anything about Obama's record or you are a RACIST and lets not be doing that, Judge, it is a shame and what we need to be doing is talking about Job Creation and know the cycle of these job creating not causing destruction moving onto other areas but YES Obama will SEED on Job Creation and spin and hurt the GOP vetting process

The Judge:
Uh, with all do respect, Governor Newt was booed because he broke a very clear rule of the debate. The booing had nothing to do with his bringing up Job Creation and he was not bringing up Obama's record. No one was calling him a Racist, Governor.
He broke a very clear rule.
You did get that right?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Oh I'm vetting and betting and watching those debates and paying attention like we do need to do in order to get that candidate that can and will be able to beat Baraaack Obama this next election go around
but you see, Judge, I must of missed that part of the debate those rules there and I don't know anything about Presidential debates and rules that go in there with those candidates.

The Judge:
So Governor, Romney said earlier this week attacks on him are rooted in envy because he is rich and successful. Your thoughts on that?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Well, of course Obama would like this election to be all about class warfare but no, you see, Judge, it is all just a distraction.
No one is jealous or envious of success and wealth of those that succeed or like those tiny petite Hollywood scarlets out there successful on TV and are petite and so pretty, Judge.
No, I don't think this helps but hurts the cause.

The Judge:
SOOO, Governor, today a group of evangelicals decided to throw their support behind Rick Santorum.
What do you think about that?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Well, I think it's a strong message of support and I congratulate him for garnering this support from those evangelicals there in South Carolina in recognizing values and social issues but Job Creation is the number one issue because people are losing their homes.

The housing market has and is tanking under Obama's watch and since HE took power, Judge, no one has jobs, everyone is losing their home, all small businesses are failing and the job creators need tax cuts. It's all about Tax Cuts and Job Creation and shrinking government.. you can't just spout talking points we need substance but yes evangelicals will support that social issue conservative candidate in South Carolina.

The Judge:
Interesting Governor. I don't believe Job Creation or Tax Cuts has even been mentioned but it's good you can insert those two particular talking points.
So back to paying attention to the debate.
Who do you think is going to win in South Carolina?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
Oh I honestly don't know Judge. Value voters will come out instead of North Carolina or I'm sorry New Hampshire. We just need to really pay attention and know what is going on.

The Judge:
Rick Santorum is selling sweater vests. Will you be buying one?

2012 Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Campaigning Undercover:
He's selling his sweater vest? Haw!
Well sure, if that money will be going towards some girl's athletic charity sure as heck I'll buy it!

The Judge:
OOK Governor! Thank you!


seisseiteocho678 She's making History people!
Running for POTUS and we are the only ones wise to her strategy.
We are the chosen!!

Did she really think Rick Santorum was selling his own personal sweater vest?

Im Chris
She was skirting by a TRICK QUESTION.

That lady is sharp as a tack! Slick as a Razor! Hard as a rock!
I bet she's flexible, too, all that running and exercise!

Jasmine Barked
So are we going to keep the Reconsider Movement going or is that over?
I just sent a check for $50.
Can I get it back?

Why do you want your money back? It will just go into her PAC.
Don't you want to help Sarah?
You are beginning to sound like a traitor. Keeping my eye on you!

Yeah, let that money go into her PAC instead so she can put it behind the GOP candidate that will stomp Obama.

a fan
If she's not going to endorse anyone what will her PAC money be used for?

TROLL! You've been FLAGGED!
Got ya! POW! Another one bites the dust!
Keep the powder dry!

I'm knitting her some scarves.
It's really cold in Alaska!
I think she just looks better with them her neck isn't one of her best features.
Anyone else in?
We can have start a scarf knitting bee? Scarves for Sarah?

S4Pee Fan
That sounds like a great idea!
When we all show up to her CPAC speech we can all be wearing scarves around our necks!
I'll try to find Piper and give her all the ones we make.

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