Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Outta the Park Campaign Speech - Stossel Interview

Good Evening.
Anything going on? At all?
As we inch closer and closer to Earthquake Reconsider Gristly's Unite 2012, Queen Palin
continues to campaign undercover on FOX News.
Please watch.
We are making history here!

So all you hear about is Green Energy. It sounds so Green and lush but did you know our Government is stealing America's tax dollars to fund this ambition?
Our President wants to spend even more!
None of it makes any sense!
But there was one little lady that made a whole lotta sense.
Listen to her now-
(from campaign '08)
"We will Babee! We sure will BABEE! Drill it Babee, Drill!....tee hee!"

Welcome Governor Palin. What do you think about all of this, Good Governor?

Well, you know his rhetoric is right there now and always has.. it just has, John, being crammed down our handicapped throats because he's out there preaching about these drillin' projects. And those Rigs they move and when they move they need to move back. We move those Rigs and then move those Rigs back, John.

Did you scream at the TV when you heard that, Governor?

I uhm well I did bite at my lip and I bit at my tongue. My lips and tongues, those two I did bite at but you know John, no , I didn't scream at my TV. Obama's socialistic Governmental ideas will be utopia, John well Obama preaching these rhetorics in hope to bring that here now that utopia he keeps rhetoricking about.

Well, I agree but people seem to really like this.

Oh no John they do not like this. They think they might like this because they are too busy to do their research and homework and see what socialist ways Obama really stands for.
Do you remember what our good friend Winston Churchill once said?

"The creed of ignorance and the gospel envy brings misery"
We can't be ignorant, John. People say I am ignorant. That hockey mom from way up there in Alaska can't or doesn't read but you know, John? I'm not envious. Katie is the one with low self esteem. And she calls herself a journalist!
All that stuff just brings misery.

But people wont do their own research.

Exactly! Because they can't they are livin' lives and raising those kids and businesses. They aren't obsessed with the media and what those elite pundits are saying about them or about this GOP campaign that is going on right now. Those Pundits think we have the energy and the desire to pay attention but the American people doesn't have this desire or this energy, John. It's all about shackles or liberty.

Peggy Noonan, wonderful woman I respect, called Newt a tiny "attack muffin".
Do you agree?

Well I agree that Newt has been attacked. They are trying to crucify him, John. And it's that hypocrisy that I have known for decades with Noonan ascribing those terms towards Newt and labeling him and assuming but hands off to Obama! .. I mean it's hands off of Romney but Newt is the one being crucified.

Clearly you are a victim. Thank you Governor.

**Comments Suspended due to insinuating Queen Sarah is sickly due to her aging neck and excessive focus on her grabbing her breasts throughout the interview.  These type comments will not be tolerated.


  1. Okay, first of all Sarah doesn't look sickly because of her aging neck, and really, who is focusing on her breast grabs? How do you know she wasn't just adjusting the volume in her (hot) air bra? You know, those things aren't easy to control, and they're itchy, too.
    Nah, Sarah's sickly appearance probably has more to do with the physical manifestation of the mean spirited hypocrisy that lies within her soul. In computer-land we call that GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out.

  2. Sarah is so crazy I'd like to put her on stage with a monkey and some of those stolen
    RNC clothes. The monkey could dress her, comb her hair and then teach her to speak.