Monday, February 13, 2012

CPAC 2012: Madame POTUS in Chief ATTACKS!

Folks, she came, she attacked and Obama is shakin' in his boots!
Hail Thee SARAH!


  1. Oh, my goodness! Those stills are $imply atrocious! (LOL! In one of them, $he looks like $he just threw up!)

  2. Those CPAC boobies look like they just came from having a mammogram.

  3. My comment about Sister Sarah disappeared? :(

  4. This is my page.. I didn't delete anything.
    Please repost.

  5. anne s, I appreciate your response. I didn't think you deleted my comment, it just totally disappeared into cyberspace after I published the comment. Perhaps I closed the browser too soon after it was published or something strange like that. No big deal, it was simply a screed about Sister Sarah in the spirit of your blog, our Sarah sure knows how to work her wattle, she better watch out for Richard Fish!

  6. anne s Thanks for this page. Great job capturing all her manic! Wow, the stills of her after her speech shows her wig all flattened out and she looks horrid and so old.
    Whatever she's getting done to her face is only temporary obviously.
    She looks like an alien sometimes.
    She had a big HOOAH pin on her lapel when she came outside her NY hotel. It looked so cheap and here's what it means.
    Urban Dictionary: hooah
    Phonetic spelling of the military acronym HUA, which stands for "Heard Understood Acknowledged." Originally used by the British in the late 1800's ...
    she has never heard, understood or acknowledged anything so it must mean something else to her.
    I have no idea why except she hasn't much taste or style, but it's so crazy to pin hooah on your jacket isn't it?