Wednesday, February 22, 2012

POTUS Palin on Hannity

What's going on?

Here's the latest from Camp Wasilla!
Get ready folks.. WAR is coming!

Please watch our Queen in full Campaign Action on Hannity.  Let the Battle begin!

Tonight, we are one week away from two critical Republican primary contest.
Romney is now trailing former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum by four points in the Great Lake state. What are the implications if Romney doesn't win his home state?
a brokered convention?

Joining me now former Governor of Alaska from her home far away in Wasilla Alaska,
Welcome Governor!
So good to see you, as always!

POTUS PALIN: yes sean thank you sean

If you were to give the state of the race now, what would you say it is?

Oh Sean, yes volitile, turvy, wervy just all over the place,Sean. And so much fluid! Yes, pleased with the process that should proceed to process and continue the process, yes.
And what there will happen in Michigan will be interesting because of Romney's so called deep roots so he wants to claim it as his home state.
So a win or loss will be interesting and telling, Sean.

HANNITY: You had questioned his conservatism, Governor. Do you think he's answering that question?

Well, he certainly is attempting to answer those questions on those conservative credentials.
But, Sean! This general election is paramount to the future of America! We must defend our republic, save the republic paramount issues at stake because of Barack's failure and killing of all that makes America true.
So yes, Romney is explaining his credentials of the conservative nature with kind of antithesis positions evolving over time. Through the media he can start explaining that with cap and trade opposite of what we need but see HOWEVER look at his numbers, those poll numbers that are so important.
Poll numbers, Sean.
Polls are what tells us what is going on in those numbers with the church-going Catholics, good union brothers and sisters and blue collared background of Santorum opposing what Romney has been saying about credentials paramount to our republic.

Well, Governor. Let me pose this to you a different way. I'm going to ask you specifically how you feel. Now that Romney is explaining his conservative values, do you have more confidence in his conservatism?

Oh he answers like all the candidates of the GOP answer. He thinks he will be immanently better than Barack Obama those leftist failed social policies crammed down our throats,Sean.
Thankfully, yes, Romney has had more of that opportunity that those in the media and here on FOX to explain those things he believes. It's all about the economy and the foundation of free men and not Obama's leftist failed policies, Sean.

So you do or do not have more confidence, Governor? Well, anyway let's talk about Newt.
When Newt Gingrich heading into South Carolina you had wanted more vetting. That is now happening. My specific question to you is, who would you vote for in Michigan. Anybody?

No, Sean, I don't know at this point in the process who I would vote for in Michigan.
I want the process that I'm very pleased with to proceed to be the process that vets our candidates and salvages our republic from Obama's leftist failed policies. Competitions sharpens these men Compete and vet and process and no I don't know enough about any of the candidates to choose who I would vote for.

Does there come a point that the process begins to hurt the eventual nominee? Do you think a brokered convention is good for the party?

I do not believe that process should not proceed, no, not yet there's an old saying about a boiled egg and trying to beat that old boiled egg is hard to beat. Let these candidates boil up there in all that hot water with the ads and media beating them up.

It's sure makin' Santorum tougher through all that negative narrative. Because, you know, Sean.

I've gone through that too! I know how it feels. I am still viciously attacked and little Trig, too!
No, Sean. I want them all boiled and then watch those try to beat them.
We want the toughest hard boiled egg. You know, Sean, back in the 08 campaign I was constantly attacked and my family and you know, Sean? ... See the media...

We need to go, Governor. Thank you so much.


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