Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Pa-LIN-SANITY!!! Earthquake 2012 has Erupted!

Get your BOOM! Taste my Night Sticks ready....It's comin' folks!
Our Queen of the Northern Slopes and Icy Arctic Winds is our only answer.
There is much squabble about Newt and Romney and Santorum, but people!  Wake UP!
Don't waste your time .. or money!
Send every last dime you can AND cannot spare straight to her PAC!
You won't have it anyway if Obummer gets a hold of the Presidency Crown.
There can only be ONE QUEEN.
Note:  We are feverishly pursuing getting Pa-LIN-SANITY buttons, stickers, refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers made.  Donate a minimum of $1000 and you will get your name drawn for one of these historical treasures.  We will also throw in a bootlegged copy of The UNDEFEATED so you can spread her Message of Hope and Relentless Reform far and wide.
Can you hear the Earth start to Rumble?
I can!  EARTHQUAKE 2012
Campaign Speech the Arseman

Campaigning with Bolling
And No! She did not put on the same glasses Julianne Moore wore in Game Change so she could look like Sarah Palin looking like Julianne Moore looking like Sarah Palin.  She's SO beyond that Hollywood stuff!  Just watch and see.  She WILL be an influential Politician!  She will be the next POTUS in Chief. 
Her days in Hollywood with AZ mansions and running shoulders with Donald Trump and only talking on FOX for money are long over.  Just watch where she goes  next! 


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